10 Awesome Microwave Hacks You'll Use All The Time In Your Daily Life

10 Awesome Microwave Hacks You’ll Use All The Time In Your Daily Life

Since they started filling homes in the late 1900s, microwave ovens have made simple cooking a breeze for the culinarily challenged.

But if you’re just using your microwave to reheat leftovers, pop popcorn, and heat up those frozen TV dinners, you’re really missing out on all the little things it can do to make everyday tasks way easier. From sterilizing sponges to freshening up stale donuts, here are 10 cool ways to use your microwave to its full potential.

1. Need to remove a stamp you already stuck on a letter? Dab a few drops of water on it and microwave the letter to make peeling it off super easy.

2. Drape a few pieces of bacon over the bottom of a bowl, place a plate underneath, and microwave for a quick and tasty snack.

3. Remove the husks from a corn on the cob, wrap it in a damp paper towel, then nuke it and start nibbling!

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4. Sterilize your cutting board quickly after chopping up meat by wetting the board, lathering soap on top, and placing it in the microwave.

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5. Turn those stale donuts into soft, warm deliciousness by heating them in the microwave.