100 days until ‘taxmageddon': Conservatives warn of coming tax hikes in 2013

100 days until ‘taxmageddon’: Conservatives warn of coming tax hikes in 2013


A massive new wave of tax increases is set to hit the American people in January of 2013.

Taxmageddon: 1st Wave, Expiration of 2001 & 2003 tax relief.Pers income tax rates will rise 1/1/13.Top tax rate will rise from 35-39.6%

— Patricia Westerholm (@pwest12) September 23, 2012

Taxmageddon 2nd wave:Obamacare tax hikes, 20 new or higher taxes in Obamacare. Child tax credit will be cut in 1/2 frm 1000 to 500 perchild.

— Patricia Westerholm (@pwest12) September 23, 2012

Many conservatives are using Twitter to warn of the coming increases.

If Obama was really concerned about Middle Class, he'd start by demanding Dems pass a budget & STOP Taxmageddon in Jan. #tcot #p2 #gop

— Squeaky Wheel (@GetsGreased) September 23, 2012

#TAXMAGEDDON is on it's way Jan 2013 if #Obama is given another term…for those of us that PAY taxes, that is! #flexability #Economy #jobs

— £adyConservative (@LadyConserv) September 23, 2012


Just 100 days until the largest tax hike in American history. #Taxmageddon

— Justin Thompson (@jltho) September 23, 2012

Next year Taxmageddon WILL tip the scales for so many small businesses and households that it WILL be the catalyst for economic destruction.

— FredZeppelin (@FredZeppelin12) September 22, 2012

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