1970s redux: Odd-even gas rationing to be instituted in Suffolk/Nassau Counties, NYC

1970s redux: Odd-even gas rationing to be instituted in Suffolk/Nassau Counties, NYC


Odd-Even Numbers to go into effect tomorrow for NYC/Long Island for first time in close to 30yrs. In effect for all non-commercial vehicles

— Devin J. Mattera (@DEVIN88MATTERA) November 8, 2012

Last week, New Jersey governor Chris Christie implemented an odd-even gas rationing system in response to concern about gasoline availability in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:

Starting at noon today we’ve implemented an odd-even system for gas purchases in 12 counties. There is no restriction for gas cans. #Sandy

— Governor Christie (@GovChristie) November 3, 2012

But the situation there seems to have improved, and the rule may be lifted in the coming days.

The odd-even system is still in effect but I am confident I’ll be able to reevaluate it by this weekend.

— Governor Christie (@GovChristie) November 8, 2012

Meanwhile, Suffolk and Nassau counties are set to institute rationing of their own, beginning tomorrow morning at 5 a.m.:

Under the system, drivers with license plates ending in an even number, including zero, will be able to purchase fuel only on even-numbered days on the calendar. Drivers with license plate numbers that end in an odd number will be able to purchase fuel only on odd-numbered days. License plates such as vanity plates that do not display numbers will be considered odd-numbered plates.

“This temporary fuel policy will ease the challenges residents of the bi-county region are experiencing in the aftermath of the storm,” said County Executive Steven Bellone. “Our citizens travel between Nassau and Suffolk without regard to county borders and it only makes sense that we adopt a regional solution. I thank my counterpart Nassau County Executive Mangano for working with me to adopt this policy.”

Mangano said Thursday that “until reliable increased supply is established there are going to be odd-even requirements.

In Suffolk County, out-of-state drivers will be subject to the rules as well.

And New York City will follow suit starting at 6 a.m.:

“This is not a step that we take lightly,” [Mayor Bloomberg] said, “but given the shortage that we will face for the next few weeks and the growing frustrations of New Yorkers, we believe it is the right step.”

“We’ll keep it in for a while,” he said. “You know, if you think about it, it’s no great imposition once you get used to it.

“We have to do something,” the mayor added, “and this is something that is practical and enforceable and understandable, and doing something is much better than doing nothing.”

Plenty of people would beg to differ. The Twitterverse is less than thrilled at the prospect of a return to seventies-style gas rationing:

Because of the gas shortage on Long Island due to Sandy, our gas will be rationed on certain days starting tomorrow o_O newsday.com/long-island/of…

— Amanda Olivieri (@xamandaolivieri) November 8, 2012

This gas shortage is no joke, we’re going to have odd-even days starting tomorrow :X

— OhhAnah!✌ (@JarOfHopex3) November 8, 2012

Oh boy. RT @bloombergnews: BREAKING: New York City imposes odd-even license plate system for gas rationing

— vbspurs (@vbspurs) November 8, 2012

And now, rationing. RT @jaredbkeller: BREAKING: New York City imposes odd-even license plate system for gas rationing – @bloombergnews

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) November 8, 2012

Good thing I just filled up bc this odd even shit is gunna be just another headache in my life.

— Kaitlyn Fitzgerald (@kaiifitz) November 8, 2012

Long Island is finally implementing odd/even gas rationing… at the point where I think it will do more harm than good honestly.

— Michael Graziano (@voretaq7) November 8, 2012

Odd/even gas rationing on Long Island? Now I have to check my plate before I get gas.

— Aly Ciccone(@allliygator) November 8, 2012

I can’t believe we’re going to have to follow the odd/even plate rule to pump gas. #sucks

— Nicole Ramirez (@Nikky312) November 8, 2012

Perfect! Dust off your bikes! “Bloomberg Imposes Odd-Even Gas Rationingnyti.ms/YT1lrK

— Rachel Miller (@rachelrmiller) November 8, 2012

Odd-even gas rationing. One more reason I’m glad I don’t live in NY. have one odd car &one even. Do we have to wear those ugly 70s clothes 2

— Val (@valmitt1) November 8, 2012

Nassau and Suffolk county is now rationing gas odd/even days ….arghhhh this is crazy

— Shameika Bowman (@Yurfacemycanvas) November 8, 2012

Of course, some crafty folks might find a way around the restrictions:

Tonight, Wise Guys throughout New York’s boroughs, are making licence plates with alternating odd/even numbers. #Fuhgeddaboudit

— Declan Ganley (@declanganley) November 8, 2012

When we had odd/even gas rationing in ’73 a friend bought an out-of-state plate at a junkyard and got gas whenever he wanted. #protip

— Rick Moore (@RickMoore) November 8, 2012

But it’s worth noting that those found to be in violation of the rules could face up to three months in jail. Lovely.

This is America.I have a dream where men with odd numbered plates, and even numbered plates, can get gasoline together on the same day.

— Lou Figurito (@ItsLouDawg) November 8, 2012

From his lips to New York officials’ ears.

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