23 Dogs That Are Totally Going To Scare Off Any Intruders

23 Dogs That Are Totally Going To Scare Off Any Intruders

When you think of guard dogs, you probably conjure up mental images of bulldogs and pit bulls.

The main objective of being a guard dog is to scare off any intruders or unwelcome visitors. If being a guard dog were a human job, some of the qualifications your employer would look for would be a scary demeanor, a ferocious bark, and maybe even a bite to match. As is the case for any occupation, however, not everyone’s a good fit for the role.

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Here are 23 guards-in-training that are anything but terrifying. (You’d probably be better off sending your cat to do their dirty work.)

1. This little nugget takes being a guard dog to new heights…literally.

2. It’s okay, little guy. You’re trying.

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3. This dog is way too friendly to be standing guard.

4. “I have a smile on my face now, but make me mad, and you’ll think twice about coming up these stairs.”

5. “You guys can’t come in….oh, is that a dog bone? Right this way, gentlemen!”

6. “Maybe if I sit next to this baby, people will think I’m tougher than I actually am.”

7. Because nothing says “ferocious” like sticking your tongue out.

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8. The only thing this dog is watching is the back of his eyelids.

9. “Ain’t nobody taking our daddy’s bike.”

10. Is this dog even aware of his job description?

11. “Five more minutes, then I’ll get ready for work.”

12. His bark is worse than his bite.

13. That look would send any intruder running (toward her for some cuddles).

14. “Step awaaaaay from my humans!”

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15. This pup has the potential to be a great guard dog. If only he could see where he was going…

16. “What’s the password?”

17. “They told me to guard the house with my life, but honestly, I’m just too sleepy.”

18. “I was only pretending to take a nap, Mom.”

19. This gas station guard dog will put an end to shoplifting!

20. Santa was supposed to bring this family their very own watch dog. Oops…

21. When he gets past the fence, he’ll totally show you who’s boss!

22. His owners even bought him a cool new uniform for work.

23. If that’s what he does to a stuffed animal, imagine what he’ll do to you.

If I were these pups, I’d put in my notice. Are there any job listings for lapdogs?

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