This Handy App Allows You To Get Free Wi-Fi Just About Anywhere — No, Seriously

As much as I’d love to deny it, the truth remains that we live in a technology-dependent society. No matter where I travel, the first thing on my to-do list before I get settled in is find the Wi-Fi password and connect all my devices to the internet. In most cases, hotels will provide that information to you, but what if you’re out and about without web access? googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); Unlimited access to a Wi-Fi connection is just one download away. With the WiFi Map app you can quickly find all the possible internet connections in your area. All it takes is a tap of your finger and you have access to all their Wi-Fi passwords, too. I had no idea something like this even existed! This app could prove incredibly useful. Will you be trying it soon? Read more:

14 English Words That Mean Something Totally Different In Other Languages

It’s no secret that English is one of the most baffling languages out there. Sometimes it seems like there are more exceptions than rules, doesn’t it? While those of us who are native speakers breeze through everyday conversations, the words that come out of our mouths get lost in translation elsewhere. Here are 14 English words that have homonyms with totally different meanings in other languages! Although the words themselves aren’t direct translations, they mean something totally different when you break it down to phonetics. 1. Air means water in Indonesian. Flickr / Luis Deliz 2. Pet translates to fart in French. Flickr / Todd McCann 3. Here’s another English-to-French doozy. Smoking means tuxedo. Flickr / Ben Grey 4. Kiss means pee in Swedish. Flickr / Lesa Monster 5. Handy means cellphone in German. Flickr / rob zand 6. Die translates to the Italian phrase for “Come on!” Flickr / […]

Discussion on sports is rarest of rare in House: Devandra Fadnavis

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devandra Fadnavis’ remarkable candour won him more admirers at a packed Crystal Room of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel on Tuesday evening. The 46-year-old four-time MLA from Na Read more:

Nigeria’s Opposition Candidate Is Hanging Out In London And It’s Kind Of Weird

With the presidential election a month away, Muhammadu Buhari has been in the U.K. for the past week but nobody really seems to agree on why. Nigeria is gearing up for a tight presidential poll in four weeks’ time. But opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari has been in London for the past week and he won’t say much about why. View this image › Buhari swamped by journalists after giving a talk at London think-tank Chatham House on Feb. 26. Shyamantha Asokan for BuzzFeed News Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and biggest economy, faces its tightest presidential race ever on March 28. In one corner, there’s the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, under fire for graft scandals and for failing to quell the Islamist insurgent group Boko Haram. In the other, there’s Buhari, an ascetic former military dictator who ruled Nigeria in 1983-5, a stint best known for a crackdown on corruption and […]

An Obese Alcoholic Meets A Random Girl On An iPhone App. And I Still Can’t Believe What Happened.

When Brian Fleming met Jackie Eastham, he was morbidly obese, depressed and an alcoholic. Brian would distract himself from his depression by over-eating and drinking away his sorrows. It would have led to his death… if it weren’t for Jackie. He met her using an iPhone Pictionary-like app called Draw Something. He never realized that she could save him from such a depressing life. Then, in 2012, he weighed 625lbs. Brian would eat fast food every day and drink a fifth of vodka mixed with a liter of pop every night. Daily Mail He was 30, he dropped out of college and would play video games for hours at a time. Daily Mail It wasn’t until he met Jackie over a game of Draw Something that everything changed. Daily Mail He confided in her about his weight, depression and drinking problems. Daily Mail Jackie, who suffers from myotonic muscular dystrophy […]

10 Bands You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Christian. And They Rock.

More and more people today are claiming themselves to be atheists. Losing your faith seems like something of a rite of passage in your 20’s now and it is more popular than ever. Interestingly enough, many bands that have been popular over the last few years still claim to be Christian and are quite proud of it. So in a world where it is less popular than ever to be a Christian, these bands are still waving the flag of Christianity. Lifehouse mtv Lifehouse is not often vocal about their faith, but lead singer Jason Wade is a known Christian and several songs reference the impact of Jesus in his life such as “Breathing” and “Everything.” Anberlin billboard Anberlin has stated on numerous occasions that they are indeed Christians but wouldn’t classify their music as Christian rock. Despite this, they are often labeled as Christian rock, interviewed in Christian magazines, […]

Search Google for (free) e-books at your local library

E-read away without ever having to look up. Image: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images You can now keep up with your book club more easily without dropping cash every month, thanks to Google. The company just added a new search feature that lets you look up book titles in your local library’s e-book system straight from your phone. SEE ALSO: The interactive ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ e-book is pure magic In a tweet this week, Google shared the hot tip that searching for e-books is as simple as typing in a book in the search bar on the mobile app or in your desktop web browser. The book name will bring up the “Get book” tab, which offers options of where to buy or borrow the e-book version.

How Miss Info Became Hip-Hop’s Ultimate Insider

Today, Minya Oh is the linchpin of Hot 97, rap’s most influential radio station. Getting there only took 20 years. View this image › Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed On a winter-cold evening in late March at a comedy club near the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan, a DJ and aspiring comedian named Cipha Sounds takes the stage for a short set before a screening of the first episodes of a VH1 show called This Is Hot 97. In the audience, music insiders and fashion bloggers mix with television suits. Ebro Darden, Angie Martinez, Funkmaster Flex, Peter Rosenberg, Laura Stylez, and Miss Info — radio personalities from the iconic New York hip-hop station Hot 97 who, together with Cipha Sounds, comprise the show’s cast — sit at front-row cocktail tables. “All the black folks in the house, make some noise!” Cipha Sounds says, to applause from the crowd. “All the white […]

Father Creates The Most Adorable ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Photos With His Daughter

Some dads will do just about anything to pull off an epic surprise for their daughters. Josh Rossi is no exception. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the professional photographer set out to create an unforgettable “Beauty and the Beast” photo series for his three-year-old daughter Nellee. He first traveled to Germany, where he took pictures of castles, villages, and other breathtaking landmarks to help paint the scene. After returning home, he had Nellee play dress-up, and all the while, she was completely unaware of her dad’s plan. Then, Rossi worked his Photoshop magic and surprised his little girl in an awesome way. Little Nellee looks like she stepped right out of her favorite Disney film. While she’s certainly a beauty, Rossi is far from a beast. Read More: Disney Always Makes Kids Smile, But What They Did For Her Is Something Special Read more:

US to hold bilateral consular dialogue with India next week – Times of India

US Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Thoren Bond would travel to New Delhi next week to hold bilateral consular dialogue with India. Bond will be in India from August 22 to 26. Read more:

12 Ridiculous Jobs That Thankfully Don’t Exist Anymore

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Everyone complains about work every now and then. It’s impossible not to. Most people are expected to undergo at least four career changes by the time they turn 32. For those of you looking for a new career path or just standing around the water cooler complaining about your current job, remember that thanks to technology and other advancements, the possibilities are endless. (After all, a “social media specialist” was not a thing a few years ago.) Although we have our fair share of bizarre jobs, these 12 occupations from the past are pretty odd, too. 1. Rat Catcher Wikimedia Commons It’s pretty self-explanatory, but rat catchers would travel the streets of London during the Victorian Era, catching mice and rats with their bare hands. Sometimes, they used poison and terriers to help them out. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBM_BTF’); }); 2. Body Snatcher Wikimedia Commons Also known […]

My Faith In Humanity Was Instantly Restored After Hearing What This Boy Did For His Friend. Kids Can Be Amazing.

Quinn Callander and Brayden Grozdanich, two Canadian 7 year-olds, are best friends. Since kindergarten, they have been inseperable. Their friendship alone would be enough to be inspiring, but what happened between them recently may just bring you to tears. It’s THAT good. Brayden has cerebral palsy. Because of his condition, his right arm and leg don’t work correctly. He has been going through painful physiotherapy, but he doesn’t have to. There is an expensive surgery available that could help him walk. When his best friend heard about the surgery, he decided to do something about it. At just 7 years-old, Quinn decided to try to raise money for Brayden… And he did. Quinn began raising money by starting a lemonade stand. cbc Both families thought it was good for the boys to work together. cbc They were excited to try to raise this money. cbc On July 6, they began […]

This Artist’s Passion Project Evolved Into A Masterful Series Of Tiny Paintings

As creators continue to harness their abilities, the inclination to go bigger is part of what’s become a natural progression — and that makes sense in a world that equates larger-than-life works of art to larger-than-life talent. One artist by the name of Dina Brodksy, however, proves that creating small, painstakingly detailed pieces is certainly no small feat. Her collection of miniatures called Cycling Guide to Lilliput has garnered critical acclaim, and Brodsky’s unique touch is at once sentimental and deliberate. She recently took the time to walk ViralNova through her inspiration and process. Dina Brodsky What’s the relationship between your medium, subject matter, and the small, circular surface? Do they inform each other in your process? The summer before I started the series, I was looking through a friend’s binoculars, and was struck by how they turned the world into circular, miniature universes. I had just come back from […]

These Amazing Stories Of Pets Returning Home Will Give You Hope.

The connection between a human and their pet can almost be painfully strong. When you adopt a dog, it will see your family as part of his pack. So when he’s separated from his pack, he is determined to find his way home. And cats? Well, they’re just too stubborn to be left behind. Animals don’t exactly know how to use a GPS or even read a map. So, they must rely on pure love to find his way home. Here are some amazing stories of pets returning home, despite being separated by miles, all for the love of their family. 1.) Buster. flickr Buster is a shepherd mix who went missing after the apocalyptic sounds of Hurricane Sandy scared him out of the O’Donovans’ home in Queens. He was caught and put in a shelter outside the city. Just before he was scheduled to be euthanized, one of the […]

If You Have An Onion And Some Gatorade, You Can Charge Your Phone In A Pinch

Like bobby pins, car keys, and sanity, phone chargers are experts when it comes to disappearing. And the fact that they can now be split into two pieces only doubles your chances of losing one or both of them. I don’t know about you, but whenever I have the cord in my possession, the block is nowhere to be found. When the block is chilling in the outlet, the cord steals my keys and starts a new life. But because food makes everything better, you can use an onion and some Gatorade to power your phone when your charger betrays you. Here’s how it’s done. 1. Round up a large onion, 2 cups of Gatorade (or the electrolyte-rich sports drink of your choice), a bowl, a screwdriver, and that God-forsaken charging cord. YouTube / HouseholdHacker 2. Without peeling it, poke 2 holes into the onion using your screwdriver — one […]

25 Sweaty Memories Every Soccer Girl Will Never Forget

“Yes, I do run like a girl.” 1. Being proud of that strange yet cool soccer tan when it was time to wear a bikini. 2. Getting your knees and ankles wrapped in fluorescent tape. This pink tape means I’m a total badass…or rapidly aging… 3. Having to bail on Girl’s Night Out because you had to get up for two-a-days. View this image › 4. Showing off your insanely toned legs, but wondering where all your upper body strength went. View this image › Who wears short shorts? 5. And then trying to fit skinny jeans over your massive thighs. 6. Discovering the pre-wrap headband hack. This. Is. EVERYTHING. 7. Watching everyone cheer way louder for the boys’ soccer team like: View this image › DreamWorks So, like…we can play too. 8. Feeling like absolute death during conditioning, while all your other friends got […]

This Is The Worst Thing To Find In An Airbnb Rental — I Hope They Got A Refund

Love or hate it, Airbnb is here to stay. The company, which allows people to rent out their homes or spare rooms to people visiting towns and cities all over the world, has attracted more than its fair share of controversy over the years. Some swear by the service, but others have sworn to destroy it. Whichever camp you fall into, it’s hard to deny the company’s success. That being said, every successful company has its hiccups. What happened to a group of tourists hoping to enjoy the French countryside was a hiccup of epic proportions. Earlier this week, French police responded to a call that the decomposing body of a woman had been found in the garden of this picturesque home. NBC News The people who placed the call were young folks in their early 20s who’d found the location on Airbnb. The owners of the home were on […]

A U.K. Court Ruled To Take Their Baby Off Life Support, But They Kept Fighting

In August 2016, Chris Gard and Connie Yates welcomed their son, Charlie, into the world. They didn’t know that less than a year later, they’d be fighting to keep him alive. Just a few weeks after Charlie was born, his health started taking a turn for the worse. “We took him into hospital at eight weeks old and none of us have been anywhere near home since,” his parents wrote on their campaign website “Charlie’s Fight.” Their little boy suffers from a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which progressively weakens tissues in the muscle, liver, or both the muscle and brain. It typically leads respiratory failure and death. Few people with the condition survive past childhood and adolescence. The now 10-month-old can’t breathe without a ventilator and can’t move his arms or legs on his own. Because of his rapidly declining condition, his parents lost a U.K. […]

This Man Embraced The Excitement Of The Olympics With His Own Swimming Competition

The Olympics have come to a close. Whether you paid close attention to them or not, you’re probably aware of how popular the swimming competitions were. The swimmers would emerge decked out in winter coats and proceed to a ridiculous warm-up of flailing their arms around. While all that was amusing, when they hit the water, it was 100 percent business. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); Presumably not wanting the games to end, this guy came up with his own version of swimming — and it’s pretty ridiculous. He was so fluid with those turns…and in just inches of water! I can only assume that it was pretty muddy doing this. No thanks. Read more:

You’ll Never Believe Some Of The Laws That Can Get You Arrested.

Are you a law-abiding citizen? Are you SURE? While you may not have spent your afternoon stealing and murdering the day away, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to getting in trouble with your local authorities. As it turns out, the “straight and narrow” is a lot more winding and difficult to navigate than you’d think. Just take a look at these ridiculous laws, all of which are still in place today. 1. It is illegal to own a red car in Shanghai, China. hdwallweb 2. Moscow weathermen can be fined for inaccurate forecasts. Mirror 3. It is illegal to purchase or consume whiskey in the town in which Jack Daniel’s is produced. whiskycritic 4. Students can go to prison for cheating on their exams in Bangladesh. ttlearning 5. In American beer commercials, a person can never actually be shown drinking a beer. fastcocreate 6. A hunting license is required to […]

Doctor shortage hits PHCs in Mysuru

Absence of doctors in many Primary Health Centres (PHCs) is forcing people in rural parts of Mysuru to travel several kilometres to get medical help.Puttanna, Ramachandra and Girish of Bettadapura and Read more:

Ben Carson: Prison Proves That Being Gay Is “Absolutely” A Choice

Many people “go into prison straight, and when they come out, they’re gay,” the potential Republican candidate for president and neurosurgeon argued. View this image › Alex Wong / Getty Images Potential GOP presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson said on CNN Wednesday that homosexuality is “absolutely” a choice because many people “go into prison straight, and when they come out, they’re gay.” “So did something happen while they were in there?” Carson continued to host Chris Cuomo. “Ask yourself that question.” Carson and Cuomo discussed the issue of same-sex marriage, and Carson said civil issues should be determined at the state level, not federal. When discussing changes made to the Constitution when slavery was abolished, Carson refused to compare the two issues. “People have no control over their race,” he said, adding that people have control of their sexuality. Carson argued that it is possible to give a […]

These 40 Awesome Maps Tell You Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Everything.

As you were growing up and going through school, your teachers probably neglected to show you any maps like this. These maps aren’t just about countries and capitals. They take awesome statistics and assign them to every country. Once you see these cool new maps, you’ll probably change how you view the world. For instance, do you know what other countries think of our states? Or do you know the European country with the most attractive women? No? Well then, check out these awesome infographic maps. 1.) The most famous brand from each state. 2.) Most popular sports in the world. 3.) Red hair map of Europe. 4.) Breast size relating to countries. 5.) Current world map as Pangea. 6.) The world according to Americans. 7.) The most used web browser per country. 8.) Countries not using the metric system. 9.) Penis size relating to countries. 10.) The most popular last […]

Rio 2016 — the good, the bad and the indifferent

What went right and what went wrong at the 2106 Rio Games, the first Olympics to be held in South America: Right: Big names, big performances Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt didn’t put a foot wrong Read more:

Travelers Are Hard To Shop For, But Here Are 20 Gifts Any Globetrotter Would Love

Face it. It’s kind of hard to impress people with material goods when they’ve seen half the planet. Avid travelers who board flights to far-flung destinations across the globe each year are notoriously tricky to shop for when birthdays and holidays roll around. After all, it’s kind of hard to wow someone who has seen everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Sahara Desert with some knick-knack wrapped in pretty paper. We can’t just go to their birthday parties empty handed, but what are we supposed to do? Use their experiences to our advantage, of course! Okay, that sounds horrible, but hear me out. Thoughtful gifts that remind them of favorite their trips (and help them plan their next one) will never go unappreciated. Here are a few ideas to help get you started! 1. This cork globe doesn’t just look great. Your favorite traveler can push thumbtacks into every […]

Epic Hacks That Will Help You This Winter Take THAT, Cold Weather

It’s no surprise our energy bills peak in winter — we’re inside more, cranking the heat up, watching TV, showering with hot water. But the season doesn’t have to put you in debt! There are ways to save on your energy bills and stay warm at the same time. With these winter hacks, you’ll keep cozy, save money, and make it through the winter in one piece. 1. If you belong to a gym, shower there. It will save you when your hot water bills come around. Flickr / 2010 World Cup – Shine 2010 2. Layer your clothing and tuck your undershirt into your pants. It will prevent wind and drafts from coming into contact with your bare skin. Flickr / Steven Depolo 3. Wear running tights under your pants instead of long johns. They are sleeker and just as warm. Flickr / Chris Hunkeler 4. Use a cheap […]

India’s NSG team to travel to Bangladesh for probe – Times of India

A special team of ​National Security Guard (NSG) officers will be travelling to Bangladesh to "analyse and study" the bombings at an Eid prayer gathering on Thursday and the recent terror siege at a high-end restaurant in the neighbouring country. Read more:

Plenty Of Humans Can’t Even Surf, But These Adorable Pups Are Pros!

Dogs never fail to impress me with their physical prowess and ability to master difficult skills that even some people can’t pull off. Simply put, all our canine friends are badasses. On top of having insanely impressive abilities of their own, like being able to sniff out certain diseases, these adorable floofs love doing all kinds of human sports like skateboarding, basketball, soccer, and in the case of these two cuties, surfing! While out enjoying the Australian waves, this guy brought his two dogs along with him. Twitter / Sven Henrich‏ Not only do they really enjoy riding on his paddle board, but they can jump on and off their dad’s back without falling into the ocean. Twitter / Sven Henrich‏ They make it look so easy, too! Twitter / Sven Henrich‏ <div class="llcust" data-lltype="embed" id="ll_5958560602472" data-source=" Read more:

These 25 People Made 2013 Better By Doing Something Stupid And/Or Hilarious. LOLOLOL.

Sometimes, just sometimes, people do things that are so spectacular they make life worth living. It’s true that very often these glorious strangers didn’t intend to do something so blatantly awesome (or awful), but it doesn’t matter what the intent was. These 25 people from 2013 have made my life better, whether they meant to or not. 1. The Netflix employee responsible for this category. 2. The artist responsible for this. 3. This older man who discovered what selfies are. 4. Whoever figured this out. 5. The guy who got caught picking his nose. 6. These parents who just couldn’t get a nice family photo. 7. The man that stumbled into this awesome coincidence. 8. The enemy of flutes. 9. The brave, English-speaking soul. 10. Whatever a space lawyer is. 11. The guy who didn’t realize the “mirror” he was using was actually a window. 12. The man who was […]

The Chef Who’s Leading The Backlash Against Mississippi’s New Anti-Gay Law

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, Mississippi is enacting a law that could sanction anti-LGBT discrimination. Can the state’s most prominent chef and cultural ambassador help keep his adoptive home from repeating its ugly past? View this image › Photograph by David Bertozzi for BuzzFeed Last month, Mississippi arrived in Manhattan. The initial meeting place was Butter, a Midtown restaurant where the booths are lined with dark leather and polished wood, the ceilings are high and the lights dim. The first to arrive was John Currence, dressed in chef’s whites and a ball cap that read “Make Cornbread, Not War.” In the morning hours, he sautéed okra in a low, wide pot until the tough, green hulls were ready to be stewed with tomatoes and chicken stock. He let a pot of field peas simmer for hours, slowly growing thick with smoky pork fat. […]

Zac Efron Bros Down To Grow Up

Our teen idols are “all heart, no libido” — so what happens when they grow up? Ricky Nelson, Rock Hudson, Zac Efron, and the impossible contradictions of masculinity. View this image › Zac Efron “looks like something a gay guy designed in a laboratory.” That’s how Seth Rogen puts it in Neighbors, when he looks out his window to see a tank top–clad Efron moving his fraternity into the house next door. It’s true, right? The perfect body, the beautiful face, the Paul Newman-esque blue eyes. But for most of his career, Efron has been something that a teenaged girl designed in a laboratory: that same beautiful face and body, but with an equally beautiful heart. Efron — and the characters he played, whether Troy Bolton (High School Musical), Charlie St. Cloud (Charlie St. Cloud), or Logan Thibault (The Lucky One) — were sensitive pieces of man meat who really […]

In West Virginia, Playing Hooky Can Get You Locked Up

West Virginia has a juvenile incarceration problem that’s costing one of the poorest states in the country millions of dollars. Families say it’s because judges are too quick to take their kids away. View this image › West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services Junior Smith knew he messed up. One afternoon in December 2012, high on Vicodin he bought at school, Junior broke into a neighbor’s garage after asking around to make sure no one was home — only to get caught when the neighbor, Cindy Chevechko, turned out to be there after all. Junior said he was looking for beer, and the Cevechkos, relieved the burglar was just a 17-year-old kid, wanted him to get off easy — community service, maybe. But in a preliminary hearing on Feb. 11, 2013, West Virginia Circuit Judge Alan Moats implied that Junior had much more sinister plans. “Now if you want to […]

This Insanely Awesome Jet Suite Is Better Than My Home. It’s The Only Way To Fly.

Flying isn’t that much fun. The seats in economy keep getting smaller, the baggage fees keep increasing, and, oh yeah, sometimes this happens. However, for the low price of just $18,400, you can have your own private suite with gourmet food, a beverage service, and a full-size double bed. Prepare to be jealous. Intrepid blogger Derek Low cashed in his frequent flyer miles and booked a suite for the trip from Singapore to New York City. Here’s what he saw.   Since 2008, Singapore Airlines has offered their rich and famous guests the option of their own private suite on the airplane. Medium Each of these private cabins feature a cozy leather armchair, a flat screen TV, and unlimited food and beverages. Most importantly, each suite has a full sized double bed. Medium You can book one of these suites for your next international flight from Singapore to New York City for the reasonable price of around […]

Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: Astrology, Cruises, And Adventure Time

This week for BuzzReads, Amanda Petrusich explores why astrology is gaining popularity. Read that and these other great stories from around BuzzFeed and web. 1. Is It Time For Us To Take Astrology Seriously? — BuzzFeed View this image › Illustration by Justine Zwiebel for BuzzFeed In an April marked by angry eclipses portending unexpected change, the ancient, long-debunked practice of astrology and its preeminent ambassador might be weirdly suited for the 21st century. Read it at BuzzFeed. 2. The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie — New York Times View this image › Via A beautifully written and beautifully presented story by John Jeremiah Sullivan about about searching for two mysterious women who changed American music and then vanished without a trace. Read it at the New York Times. 3. The Confidence Gap — The Atlantic View this image › Edmon de Haro for The Atlantic Katty Kay and […]

26 Holy Grail Beauty Products That Are Worth Every Penny

That paycheck didn’t really mean that much to you, anyway, right? View this image › 1. First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream for the driest of skin. View this image › Not only does this cream soothe the itchiness of eczema, but the moisture is long-lasting and feels more protective than similar products. Here’s a testimonial that explains how this product works better than its drugstore oatmeal-based counterpart. Bonus: It has no scent whatsoever. $28 for a tub from Sephora. 2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner for I-Just-Swam-30-Laps-And-My-Eyeliner-Is-Perfect staying power. View this image › It’s been called “the next best thing to permanent makeup.” It’s $20. 3. BeneFit’s They’re Real Mascara for the amazeballs applicator. View this image › Drugstore mascara is great, but this stuff is MIRACULOUS. It doesn’t budge, there are no clumps, and you can fan corner lashes outward with that […]