Al Sharpton’s hair amuses Twitter

Al Sharpton’s hair amuses Twitter!/14_REdZoNe/status/219628412791308289

Tonight Al Sharpton showed up at the BET Awards to accept the 2012 Humanitarian Award which couldn’t be more ironic. This appearance has led to his name becoming a worldwide trending topic. Unfortunately for Al, but fortunately for the rest of us, that led to everybody making fun of his hair.

….al sharpton's hair is always in the wind. His hair looks like its name is Diane.

— iCON Billingsley (@iCONtips) July 2, 2012

So…Miguel and Al Sharpton had a hair show-down tonight? Dead. Laid like fish and grits with a side of collarge greens. #BETAWARDS

— GabrielofSFPL (@GabrielofSFPL) July 2, 2012

So Moesha and Al Sharpton got the same hair stylist?

— President Peezus (@JPgotSOLES) July 2, 2012

Al Sharpton got hair like he signed the declaration of independence

— DERIC SLEEZY EVANS (@sleezydee) July 2, 2012

The amount of people in the world that have worse hair than Al Sharpton: ZERO

— Keiana D. Williams © (@PHSportsGoddess) July 2, 2012

Rev. Al Sharpton & Katt Williams got the same hair stylist. #BETAwards

— Andy Stowne (@AndyStowne) July 2, 2012

Al sharpton put alot of work in over the years but his hair has still shamed African americans he keep a slick perm

— The Real AJ (@Steps_757) July 2, 2012

Al sharpton hair is the texture of tha squirrel from ice age

— J Road (@J_Road) July 2, 2012

Sissy Houston's hair > Al Sharpton's hair….. *shrugs* #BETAWARDS

— Neek Neek (@UhYeahNeek) July 2, 2012

Kim K and Al Sharpton got the same hair style.

— scream oy! (@Audemar_Dreams) July 2, 2012

Al Sharpton and his perm are the reasons I don't take him seriously.

— DanaWasHere (@theenviedlife) July 2, 2012

Al Sharpton looks like the crypt keeper with a perm

— Darren Messam (@ddmessam) July 2, 2012

What does Al Sharpton use for his hair? Lmfaoo

— Λd☮lf Hipster (@msSKool) July 2, 2012

Maybe it’s time for a haircut, Al.

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