Anti-bullying speaker Dan Savage heckles high school students, calls them ‘pansy asses’

Anti-bullying speaker Dan Savage heckles high school students, calls them ‘pansy asses’!/Teddypig/status/196189703341481985

Instead he just offended a group of Fox News "reporters" by using the term pansy-ass

— Teddypig (@Teddypig) April 28, 2012

Hey, how ’bout that? Dan Savage, self-styled crusader against hate speech, seems to have incited a little hate speech of his own. Who could’ve seen that coming?

How will Mr. Gun Down the ‘Christian Republican Fucktards’ live with the utter disappointment? He was salivating for a good ol’ fashioned massacre, but instead, Dan Savage wimped out during his anti-bullying speech and simply spewed slurs at a roomful of high school students who dared to disagree with him.

Anonymous asked: You know what? Fuck the Bible and fuck you, Dan Savage is right and he does speak for me….

— Ethan Sabo (@TGR_EthanSabo) April 28, 2012

Bullying for me, but not for thee?

As many as 100 teens at the National High School Journalism Conference walked out in protest when Savage launched his anti-Christian, profanity-laced rant. But since the kids were probably those icky Bible-thumping Christo-fascists, Savage heckled them, calling them “pansy asses” as they left the room.

It's the South Park bullying episode come to life. Dan Savage mocks Christian students as "pansy asses" at speech:

— Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer) April 28, 2012

Dan Savage only a real life BULLY can give a speech on anti-bullying & attack little children, totalitarian left in full leftist uniform!

— JadedByPolitics (@JadedByPolitics) April 28, 2012

What better way to speak out against #bullying than to bully anyone in your audience who disagrees with you? #DanSavage

— paul, still watching (@coppernickel119) April 28, 2012

Dan Savage from the #itgetsbetter "anti-bullying" organization showed no class by attacking, cursing, and berating Christian teenagers today

— Freddy Cardoza, Ph.D (@FreddyCardoza) April 28, 2012

Dan Savage in anti-bullying speech uses profanity to bash bible and calls students who leave"pansy asses." Way to bully. #liberalhypocrisy

— Gomez (@levO11) April 28, 2012

Are people really just now catching on to Dan Savage's hypocrisy? This isn't news, he's always been a bully…and a dick.

— Savannah the Bossy (@thesavvy) April 28, 2012!/bibleisland/status/196062734637469697

Worth noting:

The man who called Christian students "pansy asses" was a guest in Obama's White House

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) April 27, 2012

Here’s some video from Savage’s speech:

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