As Cambridge's Most Brilliant Scholars Spoke, Something Incredible Happened

As Cambridge’s Most Brilliant Scholars Spoke, Something Incredible Happened

Everyone knows that Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and since its foundation in the year 1209, this celebrated institution has built up an impressive alumni roster. From John Dryden to Sir Isaac Newton, the institution has cultivated some of the most brilliant minds in human history.

The university hosts countless conferences every year. This year, a gathering of minds called “Dear World…Yours, Cambridge” attracted scholars from around the world who studied within the hallowed walls of Cambridge’s 31 colleges to discuss the institution’s impact worldwide. As they spoke in the King’s College Chapel, their inspiring words were brought to life by a mesmerizing display of lights.

Paris-based digital projection artist Miguel Chevalier created a series of projections that helped illustrate each speaker’s purpose and perspective. He used the King’s College Chapel — which was built in the 16th century — as his canvas.

Chevalier was tasked with creating conceptual interpretations of topics like academic excellence, health, neuroscience, biology, and physics.

He generated each image in real time with software by artist and developer Cyrille Henry.

“We discover,” Chevalier writes, “a colorful, living universe that is constantly renewed. Colored lines emerge before our eyes to illustrate mental landscapes.”

Chevalier’s most impressive projection in this series was a luminous galaxy designed to depict the space in which science and spirituality meet. This portion of the display illustrated Stephen Hawking’s presentation on the mysteries of the universe.

To see this gorgeous display evolve right before your very eyes, watch the video below:

This was a stunning display that underscored the equally stunning minds that have been cultivated at Cambridge University over the course of centuries. Studying at such a prestigious institution is an immersive experience — one that captivates and engages every corner of the mind. That is exactly what Miguel Chevalier managed to capture in this commission.

To see more of Chevalier’s work, check out his website. You can also keep up with his latest projects on Instagram and Facebook.

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