Back from fundraisers, President Obama hits the links

Back from fundraisers, President Obama hits the links!/markknoller/status/320645704559247360

Could not spend 6 hrs on course due to #sequester MT @markknoller Pres Obama spent about 4 1/2 hrs at the golf course and is now back at WH.

— Tom Pich (@pichtom) April 6, 2013

To demonstrate that he feels the nation’s economic pain over sequestration cuts, President Obama earlier this week announced that he would return 5 percent of his salary in a stand with federal workers. With that announcement, some hoops at the Easter egg roll and two grueling California fundraisers out of the way, the president today took to the golf course to stand with his caddy.

WH Pool Rpt: “We didn’t get a glimpse of POTUS when we returned, though we saw a set of golf clubs resting in a Titleist bag.”

— Roger Simon (@politicoroger) April 6, 2013

President back at White House after an afternoon of golf at Andrews. Travel/photo lid for the evening

— West Wing Reports (@WestWingReport) April 6, 2013

When you tweet about Obama playing golf you get two predictable responses from people on the right and left. Outrage and defensiveness.

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) April 6, 2013

Interesting theory, certainly. But what possible reason would people have to become defensive?

It’s a day that ends with “y.” “@buzzfeedandrew: Obama’s playing golf today.”

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) April 6, 2013

Is he just an insensitive pig to struggles of avg. Americans?President Obama Plays Golf for Second Weekend in a Row

— Maggiebgoode (@maggiejaehnig) April 6, 2013

Meanwhile, #Obama plays 17 work weeks worth of golf. MT@backatone000: Michelle Obama:Tough Being a Single Mother.…

— Dawn (@dawnmh73) April 6, 2013

Not 2 worry-Those Afghan troop deaths, NKorea war threats & worse econ/jobs mkt didn’t keep Obama from golf 2day w/3 pals. 1,385 days left

— Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) April 6, 2013

If you have a problem with the president taking some time off to hit the links, you might be a racist. Also, Bush.

Most people don’t know this, but Obama is the first black president ever to golf.

— LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) April 6, 2013

What drives the Obama golf hate? Do they just hate seeing a black man on the green? Logic clearly plays no part in it.

— Chris (@ThatOtherChris) April 6, 2013

#YouMightBeARepublican you go berzerk every time the Black Man (President Obama) plays golf..guaranteed..every f*cking time!!

— Beth Ramey (@discombed) April 6, 2013

ANNND so what? Bush golfed while we had 2 wars going on!-“@abcpolitics: Obama Plays Golf for Second Weekend in a Row

— T. (@wlfpack81) April 6, 2013

Look, that Bush guy is still golfing! While Obama was busy teaching kids how not to shoot free throws, Bush was just goofing off, as usual.

What a day! I got to play golf with President Bush and won a new Mercedes in the Project Shelter Pro Shootout! #WOW…

— JJ Henry (@jjhenrygolf) April 1, 2013

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