Bigot Cher: ‘Richy Rich Romney whitest man in magic underwear’

Bigot Cher: ‘Richy Rich Romney whitest man in magic underwear’!/cher/status/218726536264687618

Predictably, scratch a leftist and find a bigot. And in case her bigotry didn’t stand out enough, she kindly screamed it out in capital letters for you. She’s a giver.

Of course, we already knew that about Cher. Remember, she doesn’t even want to breathe the same air as Romney and his ‘racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters.’ Wow, how enlightened and tolerant!

She ups the “tolerance” ante by hopping aboard the Mormon bigotry train today. This does help explain all her disjointed and unhinged meltdowns over Mitt Romney. It’s not really Mitt Romney; she just hates Mormons. Much like Obama’s Million Dollar Man, Bill Maher.

What caused her to expose her hatred today? Who knows? Cuckoo pants is incredibly hard to translate. But it had something to do with the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare yesterday. Last night, she threatened to kiss Chief Justice Roberts. *Shudder* Today? Noted economist Cher thinks President Obama isn’t explaining it right. Or something. It entails a lot of screeching capital letters, though.

Presented as ineptly as his HEALTH PLAN!Heard Dr & Nurse explain it on MSNBC, it was SIMPLE, Concise & MADE SENSE 2 me 4 the FIRST TIME!

— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

Oh, well, MSNBC. It’s not like they are proven liars who are in the tank for Obama or anything. Plus, it makes sense to Cher. Honey, that isn’t a selling point. If it makes sense to someone for whom reality is hard, then that’s a con, not a pro.

& if MORE ppl buy,prices will go down RT@yesisaidit4u:Every chance I get I hustle,sell stuff ebay&Amazon,work 2 jobs,cause of INS premiums.

— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

Buy some thingamajigs! Problem. Solved.

Mormon bigotry is hilarious? To the bigoted Left it is, apparently. Cher’s fellow bigoted travelers spew their anti-Mormon remarks as well.

@Cher Please release a song on your newest album called "Magic Underwear." I'll even write it for you. Pretty please.

— Jordan Pack (@Jordan_Pack) June 29, 2012

When Mitt Romney says Obamacare will cost taxpayers $500bil that's a number he totally pulled out of his magic underwear.

— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) June 28, 2012

Mitt Romney will fight against ObamaCare until the day he changes his magic underwear…

— The Daily Shit (@dailyshitnews) June 29, 2012

Initially I heard the mandate had been overturned then I found it had been upheld. My magic underwear became damp and then brown.

— GOPocalypse Now (@GOPocalypseNow) June 29, 2012

Mitt needs some magic underwear, call me. I have the sewing machine, pattern, and burlap. Labor donated.

— Farrell Hamann (@farrellhamann) June 29, 2012

I HAVE TO UNZIP THE MITT RT @salibalaw: @MexicanMitt doesn't your magic underwear cover Morman wood?

— Mexican Mitt Romneez (@MexicanMitt) June 29, 2012

Picture this, Romney's out their giving stump speeches in his Mormon approved crotchless magic underwear. PLEASE GOP STOP THIS.

— T.M. Hardt (@AmericasHardt) June 29, 2012

I'm with Jesse Ventura: I don't want a President who believes in magic underwear

— Farrell Hamann (@farrellhamann) June 29, 2012

That’s just the tip of the disgusting iceberg and is par for the course for the anti-Mormon Left.

As for queen of the meltdowns, screeching capital letters and insane rants? She’s also a fan of Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, natch. It must be the headdresses.

U r The BEST Candidate,I PRAY the PEOPLE REALIZE IT RT@elizabethforma: JPMorgan's loss may b as high as $9B.This wasn’t just sloppy mistake.

— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

Oh, Cher. Seek help.

Update: The rant continues. Save some capital letters for others, Cher!

DONT U DARE PRESUME 2 TELL ME WHAT SONNY IS DOING,I KNEW HIM SINCE16 @Belforte42Sonny must b rolling over in his grave 2 c nonsense u post.

— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

Dont B Upset,I don't CARE What People Say! I could b meek not challenge anything or any1! My mom said "Cher I f U Don't STAND 4 Something

— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

You'll Fall 4 Anything"Im a Fighter! I Hate Injustice,people being treated like they r Nothing bcause they r poor or Uneducated,don't speak

— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

What about treating people like they are nothing for simply disagreeing with your politics? Or for being wealthy and successful? Or, you know, for being Mormon?

English!My grandparents escaped Genocide,came here No English & made GOOD LIFE! Only in America!

— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

Babe, you need to work on your own English. Just a little tip for you.


— Cher (@cher) June 29, 2012

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