Bless her heart: Molly Ringwald deletes ‘governor of Houston’ endorsement

Bless her heart: Molly Ringwald deletes ‘governor of Houston’ endorsement!/MSNBCWatch/status/396066693698428928

After a full day of well-deserved mockery, Brat Packer Molly Ringwald deleted her snicker-worthy endorsement of abortion cheerleader Wendy Davis for governor of Houston. Yes, Houston. But Twitchy is forever!!/MollyRingwald/status/395739571109265408

Ringwald offered a revised version of the endorsement and insisted her flub was caused by jet lag, not a “sweet fricking education fail.”!/MollyRingwald/status/396109638870913024

Are we buying this?!/JasonKhamoro/status/396133563097038848


For the record, Wendy Davis has not acknowledged either endorsement on Twitter.

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