Business Directory Arizona

If you've got pets, you know that PetSmart hails from Arizona. Okay, maybe you didn't. But there, I've told you know. So file it away. Other large caps include US Airways and Insight Enterprises, the latter of which I've got friends working at.

Arizona is one hot place, a place where you can get a suntan through your car window: suntan lotion companies please announce yourselves (personal directory assistance at your service, think of us as your friendly electronic concierge). And one hot place to be working in as well. Tons of (air conditioned) businesses and I've hear you can attend meetings in shorts. Well, no one's personally told me that, but I assume you can. Hey, it's a new era. Suit and ties aren't the only means of showing professionalism, neither a mawkish grin. People want the real you, get comfortable, okay maybe not that comfortable. A uniform does display responsibility and corporate identity. But it is nice to see companies that do have shorts as part of their dress code, take USPS, UPS and FEDEX for example, not Arizona based, but I'm sure they'll deliver if you ask politely.

Well, if you've got an Arizona based business, it's time to pitch it to your friends and neighbors, locally, regionally, globally. (And need I say free.) Get out there on Best Brands, set up your listing, and converse, talk, promote, market. Do the things that bring your business revenue. A business directory thrives on its people and connectivity, whether to b2b, b2c, b2b2c, b2b2b, or any crazy letter arrangement you'd like, customers are waiting, and businesses providing. So search around the business directory. Whatever you need, you're sure to find it.