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New York is a great, splendid city. Its energy is powerful. Its life teeming. We all know it is a central hub for Wall Street and the US financial markets, which fund economic growth for so many companies and serve as the United States' economic engine for progress (sans the corrupt outliers of course who stand in the way of progress). More than this though, NYC is also a city with businesses from so many different industries.

It’s the number one marketplace in the United States for shopping (of course), food and drink (from upscale restaurants, to bars, to Sabrett & Hebrew National carts), and culture (galore: 431 museums and counting; a New Museum opened in the Lower East Side recently...called, you guessed right! The "New Museum").

So it's no wonder that some of the most amazing businesses have opened their storefront doors or office doors in New York. At night the city is lit up consistently, night after night, lights aglow with hustle and bustle of nightlife and activity, and even office lights. Ahem, if you're not up working late, and the cleaning crew has left, it would be nice if some of you corporations would shut those fluorescents behind you, as electricity is burning and gas prices skyrocketing and we could use a bit more efficiency in this planet.

But anyway, the good thing is, doors are open. Business is booming and that's why Best Brands WorldWide is here to document your New York Business Listing at no cost whatsoever, so post away in our free directory and search away for that New York business you're keen on locating. We offer maps for businesses as part of our directory listing, so make sure to shout out to others that you're from the Big Apple and proud of it.