Byron York: Trump to include 'hand size' in inaugural address

Byron York: Trump to include ‘hand size’ in inaugural address

As Twitchy reported, Donald Trump is holding campaign rallies today in Marco Rubio’s home turf of Florida, and although we were fortunate to miss it, Byron York ofthe Washington Examiner reports that Trump hasdecided to hang onto the line he debuted at last Thursday’s #GOPDebate on Fox News and that drew so much media attention.

Many were surprised and pleased to call Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday address downright presidential, but his penis reference seven minutes into the#GOPDebate Thursday night pretty well destroyed that image.

It’s possible, although Bill Clinton’s probably upset he didn’t think of it first. (In case Hillary Clinton wins the White House, painter and Hillary super-fanSarah Sole already has the nude portrait ready to go, although we’ll leave it to readers to look it up if they dare.)

Fair point: There’s nothing in the Constitution on the subject.

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