Californians in shock as gas prices soar past $5/gallon to all-time record

Californians in shock as gas prices soar past $5/gallon to all-time record!/hale_razor/status/254596097685733376

In a week when the American public was expected to thrill to an alleged 7.8 percent unemployment rate, another number was making headlines and causing headaches. Gas prices in California reached an all-time record Saturday: an average of $4.614 a gallon.

Gas prices hit an all-time average high in California of $4.6140 a gallon today

— Callie Schweitzer (@cschweitz) October 7, 2012

Gas in downtown LA going for a crazy $5.49 a gallon! wow! AAA claims prices going higher. Gas record will shatter.

— Antonio Castelan (@CastelanTV) October 6, 2012

@AntonioNBCLA Why only in California?

— karen woods (@karenspider) October 6, 2012

@karenspider gas experts say its because the mandatory gas blend we need to use for pollution standards. The fuel we use is more earth frien

— Antonio Castelan (@CastelanTV) October 6, 2012

We’re not sure if this next image is Photoshopped, but the numbers hold up.

another email tip —>

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) October 6, 2012

When gas prices rose to around $4 a gallon in mid-2008, then-Sen. Obama declared high gas prices “a huge problem, bordering on a crisis” to most Americans and blamed the failed energy policies of previous administrations. About that hope and change…

California gas prices near $6 PER GALLON. RT if Obama's energy policies have miserably failed! #WelcomeBackCarter

— Team RightChange (@rightchange2014) October 6, 2012

Friend just bought gas in California for $5.12 a gallon. That's the price of giant subsidies to inadequate "green technology."

— Todd Wilson (@TDubb) October 6, 2012

Officially paid over $5 for a gallon of gas. I've lost all hope in our current government.

— Colby Mann (@colby_mann) October 6, 2012

The Los Angeles Times asks if record-high gas prices mean it’s time to switch to a hybrid or electric car.

Does $5 gas = buy a hybrid or electric car?

— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) October 6, 2012

Others are considering a different switch.

No. It = *firing Obama* MT @latimes: Does $5 gas = buy a hybrid or electric car?

— Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) October 6, 2012

Could the solution be Obama Gas to go with your Obama Phone?

There's an entire Obama-themed gas station in Detroit. Actually several.

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) October 6, 2012

@BuzzFeedAndrew OBAMA PUMP!

— Detroit4lyfe (@Detroit4lyfe) October 6, 2012

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