Companies still cutting employees’ hours because of Obamacare

Companies still cutting employees’ hours because of Obamacare!/PHeldreth/status/320228937319976962

Welcome to our part-time nation, courtesy of Obamacare:

AAA Parking announced it will move 1/2 of 500 full-time hourly employees to part-time status due to

— David Bargmann (@davidbargmann) April 1, 2013

@mcuban My buddy needs a bar tending gig. His hours were cut in half because of Obamacare. Can you use an extra bar tender in DFW?

— Gary Fuller (@fullergary) April 4, 2013

“@kentwired: Student employees to be limited to 28 hours a week

— Ben Valley (@BuzzKillBen) April 3, 2013

Thank you to all who voted for #Obama for forcing my job to cut my hours because of #obamacare now I have to work another job to get by

— Derrick Adkins (@Smileyz_love) April 3, 2013

Wouldn’t be so worried about finding a job after school if my current job didn’t cut hours. Thanks #ObamaCare

— Ashley Wheeler (@AAW412) April 3, 2013

@barackobama i work for shop rite part time the past i worked aprox 40hrs a week now because of the obama care my are cut to 28hr

— patrizia medulla mes (@patrizia723) April 5, 2013

I wish Obamacare wouldn’t pass so my boyfriend could work more then 28 hours. I’m tired of being stressed the fuck out.

— Katie Lynn Beun (@klbeun10) April 2, 2013

Fuck obama care . That shit is stupid thanks obama now my hours are cut!

— t(._.) (@yadeeeezy) April 1, 2013

Just found out at work today starting next week I’m only allowed to work 29 hours a week bc of the Obama Care. #PartTime #ObamaSucks!

— Austin Briel (@Briel8) April 2, 2013

Gee thanks ObamaCare. Thanks to you my pay is cut 22% because I can’t work more than 50 hours a paycheck and be considered part-time.

— Tyler J. Gentry (@tj_gentry) April 1, 2013

It seems like every day I hear people discussing how their part-time hours have been reduced from 39-25 as a result of Obamacare mandates 🙁

— Rick Venet (@Rick_Venet) April 1, 2013

I’ve been doing a lot of orientations lately because my dad’s been hiring a lot of people. (Part time, of course.) #obamacare

— jen pfluke (@jenpfluke) April 5, 2013

Thanks to #Obamacare my cousin is loosing his company provided insurance AND getting cut back to only 30 hours a week. Thanks Liberals.

— Gadsden (@GadsdenRattlers) March 22, 2013

@mattyglesias Businesses hire part-time to avoid Obamacare

— donsurber (@donsurber) April 5, 2013

@catchmejonasbtr work 28 hours because of Obamacare going into effect soon. 🙁 I have a feeling I’m gonna have a very hard time finding a

— DEMI † 5.14.13(@TheDLNation) April 6, 2013

@buzzfeedandrew Fuck obama care, its going to hold me to 29 hours at my part time job this summer.

— Nick Reed (@Nick7925) April 3, 2013

The company is reducing part-time hours to 28 tops, so they don’t have to pay for insurance. Ah, yes, gotta “love” #obamacare! #sarcasm

— Who Knows (@KiwiDFruit) April 4, 2013

Thank you @barackobama for officially screwing up my life with obamacare, going to need four part time jobs now #grrrr

— Elle Woods (@LegallyBrunett3) April 3, 2013

This has been going on for months now, and shows no sign of abating.

Get used to it.


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