Web-based and online directories are all the rage today. They grant a business a certain leverage for identity, showing it belongs somewhere in the fabric of the larger business community.

Directories have been crucial for businesses in their print form for well over 100 years. Which is quite a while back, when you think of it. Though it did take people long enough to come up with this ingenious business resource, as the printing press had been available since Gutenberg invented it in 1450.

It took 436 years, until Reuben H. Donnelly would produce the first Yellow Pages directory in Chicago. Legend has it that the business pages were printed on yellow stock, simply because he ran out of white paper. His publication included business names and phone numbers and had classifications for different kinds of products and services, much like Best Brands does in an electronic format. He took advantage of Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone to publish this much needed contact information for businesses, much in the way we utilize the internet's benefits as a communication medium to provide your business with interactive listings.

At Best Brands WorldWide, we have cultivated an online business directory that is a cut above other internet directories. We classify businesses by keyword terms that bring you only the most relevant results for your search query. That's why, as a business you'll want to create your free listing in our business directory. To quote Woody Allen, 60% of success is just showing up. With our directory, you'll show up in more searches related to your brand's product and service offering, which means a better conversion rate for your business. That's how we define success at Best Brands Business Directory, and we're pretty sure that's how you do too.