Disaster: Hashtags are the iceberg to President Obama’s Titanic

Disaster: Hashtags are the iceberg to President Obama’s Titanic



President Obama’s atrocious record as president is matched only by his disastrous record with hashtags. Every time he tries, he fails.

Here are just a few examples:

Conservatives dominate #WomenEconForum as conference kicks off

Harry Reid helps Obama push Buffett Rule equals #ReaganRule lie on Twitter, Twitter debunks

#Changeisnt schools Obama

Hijack alert: White House offers ‘Congress to do list,’ citizens respond

Another Team Obama fail as conservatives take over Romney economics hashtag

RNC and grassroots conservatives blast #ObamaEconomics

Democrat fail: #Romneyyachtnames hijacked, #Obamayachtnames started; Update: Trending

#ObamaIsntWorking: President to attend six fundraisers as Americans gasp at awful jobs data

Oblivious Obama to hit Romney over broken promises; Time to count the ways Obama has #overpromised

Jay Carney requests questions for press secretary Twitter chat, conservatives deliver

Mocking of Obama’s ‘thingamajig’ continues with sidesplitting replace quote with thingamajig

Hijack alert: Describe Obama in three words takes off

One part stress relief, two parts snark; Mix well and get hilarious #MoviesWithObama

Democrats release Joe Biden motivational poster. On purpose.

Obama also a Fauxcahontas? Like Elizabeth Warren, he claims Cherokee heritage; Update: Obama Indian Names hashtag takes off

There are many, many more. Catastrophic, indeed… to his unwarranted hubris! Sorry, President Obama, but we don’t think there are any exercises that can help you prevent your epic Twitter fails. Okay, we aren’t really sorry. But our sides are a little bit; boy, do they ache!

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