Disgusting: Chiefs fans pose with “RIP #59″ signs

Disgusting: Chiefs fans pose with “RIP #59″ signs


Welcome to athlete worship run amok. As Twitchy has reported all weekend, the coverage of Kansas City Chief star Jovan Belcher’s murder/suicide has been marred by moral equivalence and sympathy for the athlete, who reportedly killed his girlfriend (and mother of his two-month-old baby) before turning the gun on himself. While the team made a token effort to honor domestic violence victims at its game today against the Carolina Panthers, fans embarrassed themselves by showing off “RIP #59″ signs and deifying Belcher.

Um. twitter.com/GOPfashionista…

— GOP Fashionista (@GOPfashionista) December 2, 2012


instagr.am/p/SvV_TrAKgf/ heavy on my mind today RIP Jovan 12/1/12#belcher #59 #jovan #jovanbelcher #kc #kansascity #chiefs

— Stephanie Boccuzzo (@babyphat4690) December 2, 2012


Belcher’s locker before the game #59 #RIP twitter.com/P_Infranca93/s…

— Phillip Infranca (@P_Infranca93) December 2, 2012


Using this Kansas City Chiefs Cup in memory of my cousin #JovanBelcher #59 #RIP #RIP.K we love yall! :'( instagr.am/p/SwAJlWtORB/

— MyDayIsDecember4th (@BKLYN_KINGson) December 2, 2012


Touchdown! #DothisforBelcher #Rip #59

— Kaitlyn Jennings (@kaitjennings08) December 2, 2012

I can only imagine how hard it will be for any Chief player to play today. Very tragic event for all. RIP Jovan Belcher, never forgotten #59

— Vince Murphy (@Murphh7) December 2, 2012

A Twitter user at the game noted that Chiefs players kneeled in the end zone — and the purpose was ambiguous enough that at least a few clear-headed fans in attendance expressed their dismay.

“@skipoliva: @pauld_anderson What’s the crowd like today?” Business as usual. Heard a few boos when Chiefs’ players took a knee in end zone.

— Paul Anderson, Esq.(@PaulD_Anderson) December 2, 2012

All the Chiefs took a knee in the end zone. twitter.com/PaulD_Anderson…

— Paul Anderson, Esq.(@PaulD_Anderson) December 2, 2012


Thankfully, not everyone was emptying their Kleenex boxes over Belcher:

So sick of seeing rip #59 on twitter and facebook. Rip Kassandra, no love or sympathy for a murderer no matter how nice beforehand

— Josh Hall (@JHallKC) December 2, 2012

KC fans: Maybe don’t hold #59 signs. Zoe isn’t an orphan because of a car wreck. Her father murdered her mother and then killed himself.

— Ryan Standefer (@rstandefer) December 2, 2012

I understand if you were close to the guy, but dont go saying “RIP #59″. He killed his girlfriend… What has this world come to

— Colton Sullens (@ColtonSullens) December 2, 2012

The images from the chiefs game are an embarrassment to sports fans, really RIP 59 and “tragic loss #59″ signs? He.murdered.his.wife.

— mac harris (@macwharris) December 2, 2012

Remember the real victims:

I will never forget about you. My best friend, my Childers godmother. MY SOUL SISTER! ILY Kasandra Michelle Perkins. twitter.com/MoniBaddBlasia…

— BaddBlasian Inc. (@MoniBaddBlasian) December 2, 2012


RIP Kasandra Michelle Perkins

— Rhoda Fordjour (@RhodaFordjour) December 2, 2012

May your soul rest in peace Kasandra Perkins. #RIP

— lona michelle (@lona_michelle) December 2, 2012



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