Empty seats, red faces: Olympics in #ticketshambles

Empty seats, red faces: Olympics in #ticketshambles


London 2012 chairman and former middle-distance track legend Sebastian Coe insists empty seats are not a problem at the 2012 Olympic Games:

“Lets put this in perspective, those venues are stuffed to the gunwales and the public are in there. I went to three or four venues yesterday and they were full of people. We broke records on the road race,” he said.

Yet many London residents, watching the Olympics from home, don’t believe it:

Why am I watching the Swimming on my sofa when there are more empty seats than not in the Aquatics centre?#ticketshambles

— Marc Owens (@marcowens) July 29, 2012



#ticketshambles glad to see loads of empty seats at Aus vs Bra mens basketball, front and centre, I'd have sat there happily!

— CharlesGreig (@CharlesGreig) July 29, 2012

The Aquatics Centre is certainly not "stuffed to the gunnels" this morning Lord Coe! So many could not get tickets #ticketshambles

— Florian Stephens (@florianstephens) July 29, 2012


@London2012 Centre court yesterday – empty seats at Federer game #ticketshambles #olympics pic.twitter.com/wu5rVoDh

— Nicola O'Connor (@oconnor71) July 29, 2012

The photos being posted on Twitter seem to undercut Coe’s claim:


@TimReidBBC: Banks of empty seats at match on Centre Court #Olympics http://t.co/nL0wcU2s” I'd have been there to fill a seat. #grrr

— Twiz (@twizzletweets) July 29, 2012


Floorside seats at #gymnastics. Empty. #london2012 pic.twitter.com/ER3mkv7A

— Liz Larvin (@lizlarvin) July 28, 2012

@Pearcesport Hundreds of empty seats at badminton today. pic.twitter.com/mJ9FB5ka

— Damian Kerr (@damiankerr) July 29, 2012

According to the Telegraph, organizers plan to recycle tickets and ensure that seats are filled by military personnel and local children. We can see how that’s going:

Security shortfall? Send in the troops. Empty seats? Send in the troops http://t.co/AxNoNWof #ticketshambles

— Christine Burns (@christineburns) July 29, 2012

Troops brought in to fill #OlympicFamily seats at the Gymnastics – still empty pic.twitter.com/jn8XTDgv #emptyseats #London2012 #Olympicfarce

— OccupyTTIP (@OccupyTTIP) July 29, 2012

U.K. residents want to know why the Olympic organizers won’t reduce the price of tickets to increase attendance by members of the general public:

Seb Coe can say what he wants about unused tix – problem is the empty seats are ridiculously pricey…drop the price 'Lord' Coe! #London2012

— Aaron Murphy (@MurphOnIce) July 29, 2012

RT if you think @London2012 needs to release tickets at normal prices to fill those empty seats. #ticketshambles #olympics

— Denis Haman (@dhaman) July 29, 2012

Corporate sponsors who were given seats and did not use them are under fire:

Name the sponsors who haven't filled seats. Then we ordinary people can stop doing business with them #ticketshambles #Olympics #fuckers

— Sandra Barber (@BarberSandra) July 29, 2012

only way to prevent #ticketshambles is hit 'em where it hurts eg double corporate prices and refund half if they turn up

— Ian Warren (@WasdaleWarren) July 29, 2012

I see we have filled the streets no problem for the cycling race. Obviously no sponsor tickets for that event. #TicketShambles

— Darel Russell (@DarelRussell) July 29, 2012

Would have loved to have gone to any Olympics event but instead watching lots of empty corporate seats. #ticketshambles

— Simon (@SimonGreenerway) July 29, 2012

Even some Olympic athletes are grumbling:

Talk of @London2012 @Olympics here in London: When event tickets are so hard to get, why are so many gr8 seats empty at the venues on Day 1?

— Hunter Kemper (@hunterkemper) July 29, 2012

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