He Misbehaved Like Any Kid, But His Parents' Punishment Cost Him His Life

He Misbehaved Like Any Kid, But His Parents’ Punishment Cost Him His Life

When kids misbehave, parents sometimes temporarily take away something they enjoy but don’t necessarily need. Video games, ice cream, their cellphones…but when 10-year-old Johnathan James did something his parents disapproved of, they took this idea to a horrific level, depriving the boy of water for five days.

While that might seem ridiculous already, when you consider that our bodies are made up of more than 60% water and we need it to function, the reality of just how terrible this “punishment” was sets in.

Watch this shocking news report by CNN, including a heartbreaking interview with Johnathan’s twin brother, who watched the little boy die at the hands of his parents’ abuse.

When someone goes without water for two days, they become delirious and nauseous. After three to five days, the body starts shutting down organs and eventually the brain. It’s a testament to the sinisterness of these parents that even after all these signs, they still felt their son needed more “punishment.”

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