Here Are Some Monster Fishes That Agree You Shouldn't Go Swimming.

Here Are Some Monster Fishes That Agree You Shouldn’t Go Swimming.

To some, fishing is a way to find serenity of the mind and return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.  To others, it is a boring excuse to hang out with mosquitoes and then occasionally (if you’re lucky) pull sea-monsters onto your boat and fight them until they suffocate before your eyes.  Take a look at these amazing creatures professional fishermen have caught and rejoice that you didn’t have to!

In 2009, Japanese fisherman, Manabu Kurita, caught a 22lb. 4oz. largemouth bass, tying the world record set in 1932. The bass itself currently holds the record for singing Bobby McFarren’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in the deepest of baritones.

Raymond Houtmans caught the largest tigerfish ever recorded at 97lb. in 1988. Judging by his face in the photo, we assume it was done out of red-hot revenge.

The record for largest blue catfish ever caught was done by Greg Bernal in 2010. The fish weighed 130lb. and is disgusting to look at.

Keiki Hamasaki caught this giant trevally at a record size of 160lb. Then, according to the photo, probably worked it into his breakdance routine.

This alligator gar (which is apparently a name for a fish) was shot with a bow and arrow by John Paul Morris, son of the CEO of Bass Pro Shop. What the hell has your son ever done, Michael Sports-Authority Sr.?

In 2005, some fishermen in Thailand caught the largest Mekong giant catfish at 646lb. Now, I’m no scientist… but I’m pretty sure that’s a dinosaur.

Lou Marron caught the largest swordfish at 1,182lb. in 1953. Back then they used to string big fish up like they were dethroned dictators.

At 1,402lb. the largest Atlantic Blue Marlin was caught by Paulo Amorim. Still, I wish those young graffiti-happy street vandals had waited until the picture had been taken.

In 1979, Ken Fraser won the record for catching the largest Atlantic Bluefin Tuna weighing in at 1,496 lbs. He let it go and the fish granted him like 4 million wishes.

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