Here Are The 22 Best Ways You Can Use Duct Tape. #7 Is Hilarious But #18... GENIUS!

Here Are The 22 Best Ways You Can Use Duct Tape. #7 Is Hilarious But #18… GENIUS!

Most people have duct tape in their tool boxes. Why? That super-sticky, cloth/scrim-backed tape is extremely useful. However, there are more uses for the tape than just fixing something that’s a little bit torn or putting together sturdy cardboard boxes. There are endless things that you can do with it. For just a few bucks at your local hardware store, you can buy duct tape in a variety colors. Now, you can use the stuff in a variety of genius ways.

1.) Open a stuck jar.

2.) Prevent hardwood floors from being scratched.

3.) The roll is a mobile drink holder.

4.) You can (kind of) finish a car with it.

5.) You can totally fix a plane with it.

6.) Decorate a bike helmet.

7.) Prank your friends (or just store them high away from bears).

8.) Wrap gifts (in the meanest way possible).

9.) Make simple and cheap name tags.

10.) Create a wallet with a cool pattern.

11.) Make custom tape Poke ball roses.

12.) Make ladies swoon with duct tape suits.

13.) Help a tortoise’s shell heal.

14.) Fix a module on the Apollo 13 (apparently).

15.) Create an awesome gaming mosiac.

16.) Sculpt a tiny masterpiece.

17.) Clean the gutters with a leaf blower.

18.) Create a DIY air purifier with an air filter and box fan.

19.) Experiment with cool lenses you don’t have the right camera for.

20.) Fix your fridge shelves.

21.) Make a sweet cell phone holster.

22.) And.. oh yeah, fix an air duct.

(H/T Mashable) There’s so much more to this awesome tape than we originally thought. You may never have to buy another tool again if you have enough duct tape and creativity (but probably untrue). Share these genius ideas with your friends. Make their home repair tasks awesome, too.

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