Here's Exactly How You Don't Handle Kicking Someone Off Your Overbooked Flight

Here’s Exactly How You Don’t Handle Kicking Someone Off Your Overbooked Flight

On April 9, United Airlines announced that their flight to Louisville was overbooked and began asking people to give up their seats in exchange for $400 vouchers.

After the passengers boarded the plane at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, an airline employee came on board and said that four people needed to get off to reportedly make room for other United Airlines employees and increased the voucher offer to $800. When nobody volunteered to leave the flight, four passengers were told they needed to get off. Three left without a fight, but the fourth, an unidentified man, refused to give up his seat, explaining, “I’m not getting off the plane. I’m a doctor; I have to see patients in the morning.” That’s when they forcibly removed him.

After being taken off the plane, the man somehow got back on board and ran toward the back.

When he refused to leave a second time, a security officer dragged him out of his seat and down the aisle by his arms.

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