I Create Surreal Paintings Of Iconic Women That Will Touch Your Heart

I Create Surreal Paintings Of Iconic Women That Will Touch Your Heart

By Veronica Winters – Community Member

As an artist and a human being, I want to help women succeed. Therefore I paint female heroes to inspire others to find and to pursue their calling in life. With this work I want to open up a dialogue, to create a visual experience of seeing the female icons in a different light, where women can find answers to their questions, to be able to apply themselves, to define their dreams, and to work on their futures with certainty.

In my “Surreal Paintings of Women” series, I explore the inner lives of icons. What they exposed to the outside world wasn’t always the reflection of their interior life. I make an attempt to humanize them by painting their emotions and challenges: love, failure, addiction, responsibilities, and dreams.

Cleopatra, 16×20″ oil on panel

I do this so that we can see the spectrum of character and understand that those iconic women throughout history were as complex as any of us. Exploring the vulnerability of the feminine spirit, I take the liberty to interpret the days of their lives based on their biographies processed through my view of the world.

Marilyn, 16×20″ oil on panel

Making a loose record of women in art, I explore the themes of love and delusion, power and powerlessness, spirituality and vanity, abandonment and strength.

Marie Antoinette, 36×48″ oil on canvas

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