I Thought I Had Seen Amazing Photos Before... Then I Saw These. Wow.

I Thought I Had Seen Amazing Photos Before… Then I Saw These. Wow.

These 22 photos are mind-blowing, inspiring, and absolutely beautiful.  I could write a whole bunch of nonsense about them, but just look. They speak for themselves.

1. A sea horse inspecting a diver’s watch.

2. An illuminated snow tunnel in Russia.

3. An incredibly organized group of martial artists.

4. An awesome display of street art in Poland.

5. A shadow casted on the clouds by Mount Rainier.

6. A child’s first contact with a manatee.

7. The Irish Sky Garden Center.

8. A bridge and the moon in Dahu Park, Taipei.

9. An enormous group of devil rays.

10. A small village called Gásadalur in the Faroe Islands.

11. A glimpse of the Edge of the World.

12. A suspension bridge in Vancouver called Capilano.

13. Fractal patterns in dried out desert rivers.

14. A group of meditating monks at Pongour Falls.

15. A sunset eclipse over Manila Bay in the Philippines.

16. A photo of Bora Bora from space.

17. The largest raft of canoes and kayaks in the world.

18. A root that has adapted to the concrete jungle around it.

19. The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve.

20. A tree rises above the rest.

21. A collision of two rivers in Geneva, Switzerland.

22. Aurora australis (southern lights) from space.

I feel like I just traveled around the world and back. Source

Read more: http://viralnova.com/best-photos-ever/

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