I Would've Never Believed What This Guy Did Was Real... Til I Saw How He Did It. Mind-Blowing.

I Would’ve Never Believed What This Guy Did Was Real… Til I Saw How He Did It. Mind-Blowing.

A week ago, I posted an article detailing the unbelievable woodworking creation of Randall Rosenthal. He created a very realistic box of money out of nothing but a block of wood.

Well, looking into Randall a little further reveals that’s only one of many incredible projects he has done. This guy has an unmatched skill, creating very realistic wood sculptures of just about anything. If you just looked at them once, you would have no idea they’re not real. First, let’s take a look at a few of his other finished projects. Remember, all of these were sculpted from nothing but a block of wood (and some paint).

Then, below these, you can see some more about how he did it.

Randall is a master of creating very realistic money with his woodworking skills. But he does much more than that.


Notebooks with sports cards.

Notepads with sketches.

A small chest with a “piece of paper” on it.

Maps and travel documents.

More money.

More newspapers.


Comic books.

Even other currencies.

These jaw-dropping artistic works are one thing, but let’s take a look at two of his projects from beginning to end. This is where the magic happens.

This is the beginning of Randall’s Cutting Board creation.

He begins sculpting the block of wood.

You can already see it coming together.


He starts adding paint and WHOA.


Seriously ridiculous.

If that’s not enough for you, let’s check out his Box of Cards progression photos. They’re equally amazing.

I don’t think you need captions for this one. The photos say it all.

Randall could play some serious tricks on people with his sculptures, but something tells me he’s too busy using his unbelievable skill for better things than that. These projects are truly one of a kind. Impressive is an understatement.

Check out his Web site here: RandallRosenthal.com

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