If You Think All Meteorologists Look The Same...You Actually Might Not Be Wrong

If You Think All Meteorologists Look The Same…You Actually Might Not Be Wrong

One could argue that the most important segment of the morning news is the weather report. This report dictates what we wear, whether we ditch our bikes for the subway, and whether or not we lug around our umbrellas all day. Luckily for us, there are dedicated meteorologists out there who make it their mission to help us out in that regard.

But have you ever noticed that these lovely ladies tend to look similar? These meteorologists decided to take that idea and run with it.

One woman posted a link for a dress on Amazon on a private Facebook group for meteorologists nationwide, and they all decided to buy it.

“More than 50 of us purchased the dress, so if you travel and watch the news, you might see something familiar,” Fox 4 meteorologist Jennifer Myers writes.

“This dress had all of those qualities we look for, but the price was the major selling point,” Lyndsay Tapases said. “Many of us don’t have a clothing allowance and are responsible for buying all of our own clothes.”

There aren’t many dresses like the Homeyee Women’s stretch tunic pencil sheath dress. This particular dress is comfortable, stylish, and really affordable.

And those awesomely bold colors don’t hurt!

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This has me laughing out loud tonight! There’s a private Facebook group page of female broadcast meteorologists and we…

Posted by April Warnecke on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Next time you turn on the TV and wonder if the meteorologist is wearing the same dress two days in a row, make sure it’s the same woman. After seeing this, there’s no guarantee!

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