Jason Smith suspended two games for brutal hit on Blake Griffin

Jason Smith suspended two games for brutal hit on Blake Griffin


From ESPN:

The NBA has suspended New Orleans Hornets forward Jason Smith two games for his Thursday night body check on Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin, according to sources with knowledge of the league’s decision.

Smith was ejected for the foul late in the league-owned Hornets’ victory over the Clippers in Chris Paul’s return to New Orleans. A suspension was widely expected Friday because Smith made no attempt to make a play on the ball in knocking Griffin to the floor on a transition drive to the hoop.

Jason Smith only got 2 games??? Wow. He straight LEVELED Blake. Should've gotten more.

— j (@jumbostyle816) March 23, 2012

Jason Smith getting a 2 game suspension for the rough love-tap to BG seems fair. Blake's over-selling should get the attention of WWE.

— Nick Malone (@yankeesman77) March 23, 2012

Is it funnier that the fans jumped up when the clipper players went at Jason Smith or that they actually cheered for him when he got ejected

— Audi Folarin (@Audi_Almighty) March 23, 2012

Breaking:Jason Smith suspended for hit on Blake Griffin, and forced to watch his commercials for 24 hours straight.. #NBAProblems

— Joe (@corrado_19) March 23, 2012

I wonder how much Jonathan Vilma would've payed Jason Smith for that hit on Blake Griffin last night #bountygate

— Keenan Polan (@KeenanPolan) March 23, 2012

Jason smith should NOT have been suspended for his foul on Blake griffin. He was obviously sorry for it, and it wasn't even that bad! #NBA

— Zach Morrison (@Zach_Morrison1) March 23, 2012


Jason Smith deserves at 4 game suspension for what he did to Blake Griffin. That's ridiculous..

— WiseGuys (@Blanco_TM) March 23, 2012

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