Lakers trade away legend Derek Fisher to Rockets

Lakers trade away legend Derek Fisher to Rockets!/WojYahooNBA/status/180368295835353088

The Los Angeles Lakers are keeping busy at the NBA trade deadline. Earlier in the day they traded away Luke Walton and now they traded away one of their legends, Derek Fisher.

From ESPN:

The Los Angeles Lakers traded longtime point guard Derek Fisher after acquiring Ramon Sessions earlier in the day, according to sources.

Fisher, who has spent 13 of his 16 NBA seasons with the Lakers, was dealt to the Houston Rockets for Jordan Hill, sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher. The Lakers will also send a first-round pick, which was previously acquired from Dallas, in this year’s draft.

Unlike the Luke Walton deal when fans saw it as an opportunity to make fun of the untalented veteran forward, they showed nothing but respect for the always clutch Fisher.

R-T if you'll forever be grateful for what Derek Fisher has done to the Lakers organization, on and off the court. True professional.

— Kobe Bryant Fans (@teamKB24) March 15, 2012

Never thought the Lakers would trade Derek Fisher. It feels strange just typing that.

— ListenToLeon (@ListenToLeon) March 15, 2012

um, Derek Fisher… is not a Laker anymore? Nah, I'm just gonna choose to live in denial. laaa deeee deee laaa deee la la la

— Deidre Behar (@HerNameIsDeidre) March 15, 2012

Wow is it true the Lakers just traded Derek fisher?? I know he wasn't a top scorer anymore, but if that's true, that's kinda foul.

— One Way Films (@PrincetonHolt) March 15, 2012

I cannot believe the Lakers traded Derek Fisher!!! I am about to give up on sports!

— David McClam (@CENA5401) March 15, 2012

Gotta be tough for Laker fans seeing one of their all-time faves shipped out. Farewell, Derek Fisher.

— Chris Palmer (@ChrisPalmerNBA) March 15, 2012

Derek fisher, really is one of the most clutch players ever. 0.4 will always be one of the greatest moments in Nba history @LakersNation

— Yovo (@AnastasiaHLC) March 15, 2012

S/o to Derek Fisher my put in work when he was Laker. I salute Derek Fisher for what he done in the past. #teamLaker #LakerNation

— Tongue Kiss My Tatts (@Mr_LoveMedicine) March 15, 2012

Lakers isn't the same for me. No Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown or Lamar Odom. Its Gonna Be Hella Weird To See Fisher is a different jersey.

— Kimberley (@Kimaaii) March 15, 2012

Sorry to see Derek Fisher go. He was a big part of five championships, always as a team player and a class act. Thanks, Fish. #Lakers

— David Daniel (@CNNLADavid) March 15, 2012

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