Lindsey Graham suggests bombing suspect be treated as enemy combatant

Lindsey Graham suggests bombing suspect be treated as enemy combatant!/MaxTwain/status/325359847971356672

Amazingly, the “entirely hypothetical,” “unlikely” and “extraordinary” circumstance that inspired Sen. Rand Paul’s epic 13-hour filibuster in March demanding answers on the Obama administration’s domestic drone program is proving to have real-life repercussions just a month later. Would it be legal for the administration to use lethal military force against an American citizen in an emergency situation, such as to prevent a terrorist attack?

Sen. Lindsay Graham suggested such an approach today on Twitter, although he was careful to use words like “could” and “may.”

If captured, I hope Administration will at least consider holding the Boston suspect as enemy combatant for intelligence gathering purposes.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 19, 2013

If the #Boston suspect has ties to overseas terror organizations he could be treasure trove ofinformation.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 19, 2013

The last thing we may want to do is read Boston suspect Miranda Rights telling him to “remain silent.”

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 19, 2013

The Obama Administration needs to be contemplating these issues and should not rush into a bad decision.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) April 19, 2013

The backlash against Graham — some partisan, some not — was immediate.

Sorry @grahamblog but Tsarnaev is an American citizen, he has the same rights that you do.

— Doug Mataconis (@dmataconis) April 19, 2013

Lindsey Graham tweet demanding drones over Watertown coming in 3, 2, 1…

— Allahpundit (@allahpundit) April 19, 2013

@allahpundit Dude, already happened!…

— Noah Pollak (@NoahPollak) April 19, 2013

‘It sure would be nice to have a drone up there.’ Republican Senator Lindsey Grahamon Boston manhunt.…

— Stephen Wicary (@wicary) April 19, 2013

WHAT THE FUCK RT @dylanbyers These two tweets from Graham are indeed breathtaking.

— Ali Gharib (@Ali_Gharib) April 19, 2013

Sickening! Republican Lindsey Graham jumps @ the chance to ignore basic human rights articulated by the Constitution.

— tollie williams (@tollie) April 19, 2013

Lindsey Graham Attacks the #UniteBlue

— Arthur Pedicini (@ArthurA_P) April 19, 2013

@grahamblog Yeah, the only parts of the constitution that matter are the gun parts.

— Benjy Weinberger (@benjy) April 19, 2013

Am I crazy or did Sen. Lindsey Graham (@grahamblog) just tweet that the Constitution shouldn’t apply to a US citizen captured on US soil?

— Sanjay Murti (@sanjaymurti) April 19, 2013

.@grahamblog thank you for so brazenly showing the people we are too cowardly to live according to our ideals, except when NRA pays you off.

— Jason Becker (@jasonpbecker) April 19, 2013

Lindsey Graham thinks reading a terrorist his Miranda rights is a bad idea but letting them buy AR-15s at a flea market is fine.

— Jason Stanford (@JasStanford) April 19, 2013

Anyone who needs to witness to extent of racism in America needs to see Senator Graham’s latest tweets: @grahamblog

— tas (@13monsters) April 19, 2013

Dear Republicans: the problems people have with your party can be perfectly emphasized by @grahamblog’s last 5 tweets.

— Carter Dotson (@wondroushippo) April 19, 2013

Republicans, they are the slippery slope- Shorter Lindsey Graham: Constitution? What Constitution?…@grahamblog

— Brenda(@Brantre123) April 19, 2013

Republicans? Even liberal Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald acknowledges that the Obama administration had argued that it had the right to use lethal military force against an American citizen involved in terrorist activity on American soil, and it took a filibuster by Republican senators (not Graham, however — he was at dinner with President Obama) to clarify Attorney General Holder’s position.

Graham’s suggestion that a terrorist suspect need not be read Miranda warnings isn’t new- it’s Obama DOJ policy…

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 19, 2013

Anyone mocking Lindsey Graham should probably read this

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 19, 2013

@davidmizner I remember trying to get people to care about Miranda rights when Obama DOJ limited them – guess it took a Lindsey Graham tweet

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 19, 2013

@ohtarzie It’s already Obama policy, adopted in 2011 – nobody cared (many didn’t know). Only care now that Graham says it in a tweet.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 19, 2013

Anyone hatin’ on Lindsey Graham about rollback of miranda rights, hate to break it to ya but Obama signed that into law in 2011.

— Mechelle (@Mechelle_68) April 19, 2013

Whatever you do, don’t tell @mattyglesias that Lindsey Graham’s “shredding of the Constitution” is Obama DOJ’s policy…

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) April 19, 2013

@bluetexantweets @ggreenwald If Obama said what Graham just did, using drones and such, “liberals” would be clapping like a seal right now.

— Tone Capone (@tonybalogna) April 19, 2013

While Graham is taking a beating for his tweets, Obama is keeping relatively quiet. Is he considering Graham’s advice? Would he dare say so?

@hardball YOUR statement maker in Chief. Obama made a statement about Boston, then RAN FOR THE CURTAIN. No questions allowed. Why?

— Brian T. Wall (@Btwall60) April 19, 2013

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