Math is hard: Libs insist Romney owns 51 percent of Sensata (he doesn’t)

Math is hard: Libs insist Romney owns 51 percent of Sensata (he doesn’t)!/SooperMexican/status/257874418678767617

Math is awfully hard for liberals.

People that think #mitt is 51% shareholder of #bain are not only #badatmath they also dont read well #sensata

— Matt(@my2guns) October 15, 2012

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Obama supporters are trying to coordinate a “Twitterbomb” of Sensata to force media outlets to cover the scandal that’s certain to bring down the Romney campaign once and for all. If we may set aside facts for a moment and behave like liberals, the narrative goes something like this: A U.S. company is moving to China, and big mean Mitt Romney could stop it with a single phone call if he didn’t love making money so much.

As we mentioned, though: math. Bill Clinton drove the crowd at the Democratic National Convention to ecstatic cheers by the mere mention of the word arithmetic, but we’re not sure that word means what liberals think it means.

Yes, Bain Capital owns a 51.8 percent share of stock in Sensata Technologies, a company that’s closing an Illinois plant and outsourcing production to China. Bain bought out Sensata for $3 billion — years after Romney left the company — and despite what you might have read scrawled on a cardboard sign at an Occupy protest, Mitt Romney is not Bain. He and his wife reportedly own, through a blind trust, $7.8 million worth of eight Bain funds, which combined have a controlling stake in Sensata. Bain’s controlling share, however, comprises $2.6 billion worth of Sensata’s stock. So no, Romney does not own 51 percent of Sensata — not by a long shot.

In liberal math, though, two plus two equals giraffe:

Its sad when Romney owns 51% of sensata and he will NOT save this american company its truly sad American ppl need their jobs

— 47%-Monica Coronado (@1979monica) October 15, 2012

Mitt Romney Owns 51% of #Sensata & Will Get a Huge Tax Break When They are Sent to China on Nov. 5th. Rt #Obama2012 #p2

— TheNewDeal (@TheNewDeal) October 15, 2012

Romney and sensata. Romney owns 51% of this company and is shipping Jobs Over to China

— Nancyvandyke (@nvandyke_) October 15, 2012

@paulryanvp Bain Never Left Romney #Sensata @mittromney holds 51%of #Sensatastock! #OutSourcing #AmericanJobs2China

— Yolie (@Yolie4MS) October 15, 2012

Mitt Romney Owns 51% of #Sensata & Will Get a Huge Tax Break When They are Sent to China on (cont)

— Charles Lance (@cathound7) October 15, 2012

Romney Owns 51% of #Sensata & Could Easily Stop Their Outsourcing If He Wanted. Notice That He Hasn’t. He’s Ignored Their Pleas. #p2

— Eric Robertson (@erictheteamster) October 15, 2012

FYI Romney owns 51% of Sensata; therefore he owns Sensata !!!

— Barbara Howell (@oldmillstream) October 15, 2012

If @mittromney can’t save a few hundred jobs in a company he owns 51%, how can we trust him to create the millions he’s promised? #Sensata

— Faith Silvers (@faithjs1) October 15, 2012

Imagine Obama held 51% stake in company forcing U.S. workers to train Chinese replacements. Romney does. #Sensata…

— Heather(@hellonheels75) October 15, 2012

Right Wing math: Obama owning a few shares of #Sensata in some mutual fund = Romney owning 51% controlling interest in #Sensata. #notthesame

— 57ocsiK (@Kisco75) October 15, 2012

Oh, and BREAKING: Mitt Romney is the sole owner of Bain Capital.

@overkamp Did you see “Bain Capital” there? I did. MittRomney is the SOLE OWNER of Bain. Bain owns 51% of #Sensata. Ergo, Mitt owns Sensata

— thepoliticalcat (@thepoliticalcat) October 15, 2012

Not only that, he’s apparently set to rake in a cool 51 percent profit from Sensata’s outsourcing.

@barackobama @joebiden Romney still makes $$ on Bain Capital;He is Making 51%ProfitOnThisCoHe’sSendin2China>…

— gloria weller (@gloria26m) October 15, 2012

We’re fairly certain that Twitter user wears Velcro sneakers because laces are hard.

So, just where did this idea that Romney himself holds the fate of Sensata in his hand originate? A Reuters story from July quotes a 33-year Sensata employee as saying, “If he wanted to, all he needs to do is call up the management of Bain Capital and say, ‘Look, don’t do this.’” He’d know, right?

Even David Firestone, writing in the New York Times, noted that having long since left Bain, Romney “had nothing to do with” the decision to close the plant, and that “obviously desperate” employees “are hoping that the campaign’s need to avoid bad publicity might help them.”

The Daily Kos, which is encouraging readers to promote “the Sensata situation that could potentially destroy Mitt Romney’s chances at the Presidency,” apparently took the same math course where $8 million divided by $2.6 billion equals Romney doesn’t care about the poor. “Having so much power within Bain and owning 51% of it’s [sic] shares, I’m sure Romney could pull some strings and make some calls and stop Sensata from being outsourced.” If math fails, pull strings.

Led by stalwart conservative fighters @SooperMexican and @RBpundit, Twitter users are setting the record straight.

If you think Romney is responsible for a company he left 12 yrs ago, but Obama isn’t for past 4 yrs of the Economy, you’re an idiot #Sensata

— el SOOPer (@SooperMexican) October 14, 2012

The stupid.. won’t die.. die stupid die! @melliflu0us: @soopermexican Romney still owns 51% of the #Sensata shares.

— el SOOPer (@SooperMexican) October 15, 2012

Romney does not own 51% of Sensata, liar. RT @lemonton @soopermexican because Romney owns 51% of #Sensata.

— RB (@RBPundit) October 15, 2012

100% false, liar. Stop spreading lies. RT @miracle2x Romney holds 51% of #Sensata shares

— RB (@RBPundit) October 15, 2012

100% false, you filthy liar. RT @slackadjuster: FACT ~ Romney owns 51% of #SENSATA stock and stands to make a cool 8 mill

— RB (@RBPundit) October 15, 2012

Review the 2012 Sensata proxy. Romney’s name isn’t any where in the proxy. He does not own 51% of Sensata shares. Read AND comprehend.

— jms75075 (@jms11967) October 15, 2012

Learn to comprehend. Romney owns $8M in Bain Trust(not control) from a buyout agreement. Bain owns 51% of #Sensata. Romney has no control.

— Joe Clark (@ctdummy80) October 15, 2012

Mitt Romney has nothing to do with #Sensata. Bain Capital Investors have a 51.8% share of Sensata stock.…

— Rogersdaughter (@JsrRoger) October 15, 2012

Fixed your hashtags for you. MT @kisco75 Romney owning 51% controlling interest in #Sensata. #nottrue #false #leftylie #madeupshit

— JGPetruna (@jgpetruna) October 15, 2012

Math is hard, but reading comprehension is an essential skill as well.

You liberals are looking #SENSATA-tionally stupid.

— el SOOPer (@SooperMexican) October 15, 2012

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