McDonald's of China and Its Brush with Fame

Well, not exactly the kind of fame you want, or fame at all for that matter. But Food Safety does start with a capital F as well. It seems Beijing authorities are investigating some incident where a McDonald's franchise may allegedly have served food that had been cooked 1 1/2 hours earlier to customers.

I thought food poisoning was an issue for raw food, go figure. Well, that said, it seems the good folks running McDonald's agree this well exceeds its standard of serving food cooked within half an hour of service. I mean, duh, it is a fast food chain, so you'd think that would be the essence of its program. Anyway, the good thing for all Food Safety hawks is McDonald's has been quoted on its China website as saying that it will mete out severe punishment. Sounds draconian. I hope there's no hair pulling involved.

It is always interesting to see how large businesses respond to these times of crisis large or small. Even small hiccups need a cure.

Of course, some small business wish they had a crisis to weather. No news is good news when you are in the money. But if you need publicity, well you need news.

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