Oh dear: Twitter users slam GOP presidential nominee ‘Nick Romney’

Oh dear: Twitter users slam GOP presidential nominee ‘Nick Romney’


This is what you might call the “low-information” crowd:

If Nick Romney win he canceling porn lol

—DJ Mastermix (@dj_del_b313) October 20, 2012

Too bad Nick Romney isn’t applying to be a car salesman because he would be a great one #nbcpolitics

— Scott Berty (@ScottBerty) October 17, 2012

Yo whoever likes nick Romney I will kick you in da throat

— Leon Halfter-Hunter (@YOLOxXxTHEO) October 17, 2012

Nick romneylieing

— marvin tate (@niked_up_marvin) October 17, 2012

If Nick Romney is elected I guarantee that the U.S.A will be on the war path before this decade is out.

— Liam Curran (@LiamJCurran) October 16, 2012

How many more lies is Nick Romney going to tell just for votes

— Cashmere McKinney(@Fow101crazy) October 17, 2012

Nick romney is a liar

— Cashmere McKinney(@Fow101crazy) October 17, 2012

F Nick Romney

— kristine hardy (@thesosexyleo) October 17, 2012

Nick Romney?…come on black people…damn!!!

— Champayne (@Saoirse_Free) October 17, 2012

Fuck Nick Romney

— Youngest&Charge (@LiveFrom_563) October 17, 2012

Nick Romney so damn rude..

— troy dunnell jr (@omgitzhim_20) October 17, 2012

::nick Romney does not have best interest for the middle class people make sure you vote

— Ms. Ambitious(@Mssagittarius08) October 18, 2012

Oh RT @teamme_atlbound: Nick Romney is full of shyt. Sit the fuck down.

— Nick McClary (@DdotCar) October 17, 2012

Nick Romney got his ass beat last night! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @barackobama 4MOE!

— JShawnMarie (@thuggieboi1) October 17, 2012

Its Nick Romney why do everyone keep saying mitt Romney?

— Ambitious (@D_Phelps15) October 17, 2012

Nick Romney don’t want them hands Obama gone beat his ass ! >>>>>>>>>>>

— Y O L O (@YuhCant_HoldMe) October 17, 2012

Nick Romney has ATTITUDE.. “Excuse me I’m not finished speaking”

— Yasmine (@Yasmine_ELT) October 18, 2012

This guy I met at work today talked to me about “Nick Romney”. I’m confused.

— Joshua Davenport(@Beard_Flannel) October 18, 2012

Nick romney! Yeah right, if he wins the election I know the media would have steered the election his way. His as fake as an essex tan.

— ADELIGHT (@ADELIGHT_MUSIC) October 18, 2012

Nick Romney is Fucking Retarded like really. That nigga fake.

— BasedJesus (@B_SWAGG32) October 17, 2012

😩😩 RT @ripdreday: If Nick Romney win I’m going to Haiti

— Nov. 4th (@Fuego_yaDIGG) October 17, 2012

My nigga Nick Romney tryna take away PBS, what else ima watch when my cable off!

— Kevin Brewton (@UF_Brewton) October 17, 2012

Nick Romney!!! This is no Place for #Ametuers right @mslaurenlondon? #TeamObama

— Trudz-Tanne Frankson (@CodenameBARBIE) October 17, 2012

Did anyone see the debate between Nick Romney & Borack Obama?

— Jam Cris Martinez (@JAMillionaire_) October 18, 2012

It’s amusing, sure, but also disturbing. People like these may decide the outcome of this election.

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