Online Business Directories Create Word of Mouth Marketing Opportunities

I need my shoes fixed. Who should I go to?

Years ago, to answer that kind of question you might have asked a friend, or tried out a few stores hoping they wouldn't maim your feet.

A light bulb repair. You might have followed a trail of repairmen till you landed the right one.

Nowadays with the flood of review sites, you can simply read about the businesses that might satisfy your needs.

However, the operative word is might. The real problem with review sites is that they are written in vernacular, by users who may appreciate your service but do not represent your message (the way you would compose it when carefully crafting an online business directory listing on Best Brands WorldWide).

From a users perspective as well there are communication gaps on review sites.

Case in point. Back to the shoes. For example, I visited a prominent shoe repair shop with umpteen positive user reviews on a prominent review site. When I got there, he quoted a price that was double what the users had said was his standard. I surveyed the repair work and was unimpressed. (I was also unimpressed with his manner; as he spoke to the cash machine without really looking my way).

I took my shoes to another store and my luck, got them fixed splendidly for half the price. The point is not to give you a referral for shoe repair. But to tell you that relying on reviews to empower businesses both from the customer's end and the owner's end does not have the finality we might want (especially the finality customers want), as some of the most communicative customers may not actually post a review. The people who speak the loudest are not always the most sound of judgment. As the old adage goes: Speak softly and carry a... well whatever, the ending doesn't exactly apply.

Anyway, whether you're a business or a customer, your best bet is direct interaction in a b2b or b2c context to empower your judgement. Sure read all the reviews you want, and take stock of them, but put your own interaction and trust your own judgement above all. Using Best Brands Online Business Directory you will have the opportunity to create lasting connections with customers and businesses in an environment that stresses direct user facing communication. That way, as a customer you're not likely to end up at a shop with the manager who doesn't think you're worth his time. And that way, as a business, you are likely to get recommended by customers who will create valuable direct word of mouth referrals.

Creating a listing for your business on Best Brands WorldWide Business Directory is quite easy to do, and best of all it's completely free. And with its easy on the eyes design, it makes you look good to your customers. Something they'll appreciate you take the time to do. Energy and effort you expend that represents you well.