Reid sports ‘hideous’ tie; Cruz doesn’t even loosen his for 19 hours [pics]

Reid sports ‘hideous’ tie; Cruz doesn’t even loosen his for 19 hours [pics]!/DonnyFerguson/status/382899831502422016

That. Was. Beautiful.

And true! It’s pretty hard to miss Harry Reid’s horrendous tie today, not to mention his horrendous whining about Ted Cruz:!/michellemalkin/status/382899745062010880

Sen. Harry Reid to @SenTedCruz "This is not a filibuster."
-Cruz on the floor +20 hrs…—   (@NewsBreaker) September 25, 2013


Well, then there’s no other choice. Burn it with fire!!/KevinWGlass/status/382891506601701376!/MichaelBlum3/status/382891962577084416!/petersuderman/status/382898870851620865

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, was still looking pretty sharp as he wrapped up his epic 21-hour marathon on the Senate floor. It was well into the morning before he even loosened his tie and his hair was still going strong.!/Xlib/status/382914473171746816!/soylentbeige/status/382865713758605313!/naureenindc/status/382863612487823361!/marthamaccallum/status/382863499665231873

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