Report: Officers requested help during Benghazi attacks, told to stand down

Report: Officers requested help during Benghazi attacks, told to stand down!/sunnyright/status/261852927256317952

In an explosive new report, Fox News’ national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports that a team of CIA officers requested help when they heard shots fired on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. They requested military backup three times, and three times, their requests were denied:

Former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were part of a small team who were at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. Consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When they heard the shots fired, they radioed to inform their higher-ups to tell them what they were hearing. They were told to “stand down,” according to sources familiar with the exchange. An hour later, they called again to headquarters and were again told to “stand down.”

Woods and Doherty, who were ultimately killed in the attacks, bravely defied the order to stand down and risked their lives to get to the Consulate:

Woods, Doherty and at least two others ignored those orders and made their way to the Consulate which at that point was on fire. Shots were exchanged. The quick reaction force from the CIA annex evacuated those who remained at the Consulate and Sean Smith, who had been killed in the initial attack. They could not find the ambassador and returned to the CIA annex at about midnight.

At that point, they called again for military support and help because they were taking fire at the CIA safe house, or annex. The request was denied. There were no communications problems at the annex, according those present at the compound. The team was in constant radio contact with their headquarters. In fact, at least one member of the team was on the roof of the annex manning a heavy machine gun when mortars were fired at the CIA compound. The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship, which is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to provide support to Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than four hours — enough time for any planes based in Sigonella Air base, just 480 miles away, to arrive. Fox News has also learned that two separate Tier One Special operations forces were told to wait, among them Delta Force operators.

Absolutely unbelievable. Griffin goes on to explain that U.S. forces had multiple opportunities to take action and were repeatedly told to do nothing. Officials at the White House, State Department, and the Pentagon had more than ample evidence that the Consulate was under attack, yet they did nothing.

Twitterers are outraged and sickened:

WHAT????? RT @mericlejerry FOX BREAKING: CIA officers were on the ground 9/11 in Benghazi asked for help & were denied.

— RB (@RBPundit) October 26, 2012

“@tark31: Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. Wow. Wow. #libya #benghazi RT @rbpundit: HOLY CRAP. #tcot #p2”BIG

— William Trivelpiece (@trouttp) October 26, 2012

Can this be true? This is nauseating to read! CIA operators denied request during Benghazi attack via @foxnewspolitics

— Emmly Jane (@EmmlyJane) October 26, 2012

America, your government contributed to the #Benghazi deaths by refusing to help when requested:

— Natasha (@mooseandskwerl) October 26, 2012

How do you make sense of this?”Stand down” – CIA ops “denied help” during

— Street Rebuttal (@StreetRebuttal) October 26, 2012

What an outrage. Per this story, they could have helped those people in Benghazi and they didn’t.

— Joel Gehrke (@Joelmentum) October 26, 2012

This Libya stuff keeps getting more sickening. Almost criminal negligence!…

— Quin Hillyer (@QuinHillyer) October 26, 2012

I am just livid after reading this Fox RTICLE:…

— Don Beavers (@donsspencer) October 26, 2012

Horrific RT @jtlol EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say | Fox News

— Melissa_76 (@Melissa_76) October 26, 2012

Dear Lord. Those men in Benghazi were abandoned to…

— Ron Estrada (@RonEstrada) October 26, 2012

Six hours and twenty minutes……..CIA would not help Benghazi victims. Could have stopped the killing but chose not to. #Obamashame

— Ellen Appleton (@EJinPa) October 26, 2012

This is heartbreaking and maddening.I can’t imagine reading this as a parent of one who died and not being

— Betsy Newmark (@betsynewmark) October 26, 2012

And what does the lapdog media have to say about this?

@nyt @washingtonpost @abcnews @nbcnews @npr @cnn @cbsnewsHOW LONG WILL YOU IGNORE THIS TO PROTECT OBAMA??!!…

— Pete Wade (@PeteWadeinIndy) October 26, 2012

@abc do you guys do news anymore?

— D McGrail (@Dmmmrm) October 26, 2012

Where is the outrage! Why isn’t the MSM covering this? via @foxnewspolitics

— Laura Altenhofen (@Lahofen) October 26, 2012

#Journofail #Benghazi Just checked MSM sites. Crickets on this RT @drudge_report: CIA OPS ‘DENIED HELP’ DURING BENGHAZI

— Kevin Rhyne (@KevinRhyne) October 26, 2012


Four Americans are dead because high-ranking officials in our government exhibited both gross incompetence and willful negligence. Four Americans are dead because they were denied protection by the very government they swore to serve and defend.

The responsibility for these four brave men’s deaths rests squarely with the Obama Administration.

@markknoller I’d say news that the CIA repeatedly requested military help in Benghazi but were denied… That’s my guess.

— Sunny (@sunnyright) October 26, 2012

Heart wrenching and infuriating! Where are all the grown-ups?! Impeach the tyrannical traitor and bedone with it!!…

— LeAnn Whitacre (@Sandals731) October 26, 2012

Remember this and vote accordingly >RT @wildmanbsCIA Operators were DENIED more help in Benghazi by OBAMA!!! #TCOT…

— Traditional American (@RightWingAngel) October 26, 2012

I’m very sorry but Barrack Obama doesn’t deserve one single vote in this election. He has betrayed his country.…

— Bob Keller (@Wizardfkap) October 26, 2012

I wonder if @barackobama has a binder full of the names of the people his administration left to die in Benghazi.

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) October 26, 2012

@stephenfhayesThe whole chain of command should stand down! No regard/respect for anything or anyone… #Benghazigate

— Chris W Rengert (@FellowsheepTech) October 26, 2012

Honor the memories of the men murdered in Benghazi. Remember in November.


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