RIP: Sen. Daniel Inouye, WWII hero, has died; President issues statement

RIP: Sen. Daniel Inouye, WWII hero, has died; President issues statement!/edatpost/status/280804508576141314

Hawaiian Sen. Inouye, 88, passed away this afternoon at Walter Reed Army Medical Center due to respiratory complications. Prayers and tributes are pouring in:

Prayers for his family RT @foxnewsradio: Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI) has died of respiratory complications at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

— Eric D. Mertz (@KC_EDM) December 17, 2012

Rest in peace, Senator.Prayers for his family incoming.RT @apBREAKING: Sen. Daniel Inouye has died of respiratory complications -RJJ

— Tim(@AspiringThrawn) December 17, 2012

According to AP, Sen. Daniel Inouye has just died.Met him last year when doing a story about Pearl Harbor anniversary. A lovely man.

— Liz Davies (@davieseliz) December 17, 2012

I’m pretty sad that Daniel Inouye died. He was almost certainly my favorite Senator, and his life story is fascinating. Incredible guy.

— Esten Hurtle (@esten) December 17, 2012

We just lost an American hero. Daniel Inouye.

— Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) December 17, 2012

Oh no. Senator Daniel Inouye has passed away. True American hero and patriot.

— Nick (@whereishawkins) December 17, 2012

I saw Inouye bring a crowd of veterans to tears earlier this year telling his stories from WWII. Unbelievable life. RIP.

— Elise Foley (@elisefoley) December 17, 2012

Saddened by the loss of my colleague in the U.S. Senate, @daniel_inouye. Marsha and I are keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers.

— Senator Dan Coats (@SenDanCoats) December 17, 2012

Senator @daniel_inouye was a true American hero. From his service in WWII to the United States Senate. He will be missed.

— Eric Cantor (@EricCantor) December 17, 2012

RIP Senator Daniel Inouye – a genuine hero of the Greatest Generation and a friend and role model to all of us in the Senate

— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) December 17, 2012

Inouye received the Medal of Honor for his service during World War II.

Senator Daniel Inouye was an American hero. Read up on his WWII service. Incredible. He will be missed. #Aloha #RIP

— Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) December 17, 2012

RT @benjysarlin Sen. Inouye, who just died, won Medal of Honor for prying grenade from his near-severed hand and taking out a Nazi bunker.

— Garance Franke-Ruta (@thegarance) December 17, 2012

Sen. Daniel Inouye has died. Disagreed with him very much on politics, but the man was a legit war hero. RIP. #tcot

— Blaknsam (@Blaknsam) December 17, 2012

Oh damn. Sen. Inouye who fought Nazis in WWII RIP. TY for US service and friendship to Israel 🙁

— Ron M. (@Jewtastic) December 17, 2012

Sen. Inouye was one of our nation’s greatest heroes.

— Drew (@FigDrewton) December 17, 2012

RIP Dan Inouye – one of the greatest Americans of his generation, and a true patriot. Mahalo, Dan.

— Jake McIntyre (@jakemcintyre) December 17, 2012

Badass war hero, highest-ranking Asian-American ever. RIP. RT @thefix: Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye has passed away at age 88.

— Max Fisher (@Max_Fisher) December 17, 2012

Wow, sorry to hear Sen. Inouye has passed away. He was a real hero.

— Brandon Kiser (@Kiser) December 17, 2012

If you don’t know about Sen. Inouye’s impressive and courageous military career, please take a few moments to honor him by learning it now.

— Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) December 17, 2012

RIP Daniel Inouye. If you are unaware of the caliber of man that just passed, read his war heroics:

— Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) December 17, 2012

Godspeed, Sen. Inouye. Thank you for your service to this country.


President Obama has issued a statement on the passing of Sen. Inouye.

“Tonight, our country has lost a true American hero” -President Obama on the passing of Senator Daniel Inouye:

— The White House (@whitehouse) December 17, 2012

Tonight, our country has lost a true American hero with the passing of Senator Daniel Inouye. The second-longest serving Senator in the history of the chamber, Danny represented the people of Hawaii in Congress from the moment they joined the Union. In Washington, he worked to strengthen our military, forge bipartisan consensus, and hold those of us in government accountable to the people we were elected to serve. But it was his incredible bravery during World War II – including one heroic effort that cost him his arm but earned him the Medal of Honor – that made Danny not just a colleague and a mentor, but someone revered by all of us lucky enough to know him. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Inouye family.

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