Rivalry on the largest of stages

Rivalry on the largest of stages


The Final Four in college basketball is always a must-see event for sports enthusiasts, but it has an even bigger storyline this year. Two bitter in-state rivals, Kentucky and Louisville, will take on one another tonight in New Orleans for a spot in the NCAA Championship Game. The loser will undoubtedly be taunted by the other fanbase for years to come.

4 hours until gametime!!! Kentucky vs Louisville!! This rivalry bout to get even better bc alot is at stake!! Let's go UK!! #BBN #WeAreUk

— Cody Trichell (@C_Shell5) March 31, 2012

For the first time since, oh, 1999, I am on Rick Pitino's side tonight. #Kentucky #Louisville #Celtics

— Matt Burke (@BurkeMetroBos) March 31, 2012

Eating outside in New Orleans. It'd be easier to count the passers-by that aren't Louisville or Kentucky fans.

— James Pennington (@pennington_jl) March 31, 2012

louisville better beat kentucky! #TeamLouisVille

— Bryam Hernandez (@Bryam_hernandez) March 31, 2012


Dear Louisville & Kentucky, I need y'all to be done playin' by 6:30. If y'all ain't then my seeester is gonna have to wait for me to get her

— AlesheaDominique (@Aleshea) March 31, 2012

Kentucky gonna monkey stomp Louisville

— IG: @dachosenone731 (@Fame_N_Fortune2) March 31, 2012

@CallDT I think Kentucky wins, I hope Louisville shocks the World #PayPalCal

— J.Spears(CA) Os/Cuse (@JasonSpears_301) March 31, 2012

Whats up twitter nation just did some mowing now chilling and waiting to see Kentucky get beat first then louisville I hate them both.

— Bill Tucker (@SwordFish45) March 31, 2012

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