Romney: Whatever happened to #HopeAndChange?

Romney: Whatever happened to #HopeAndChange?!/MittRomney/status/224555306343075840

Wait. What? Is it 2008 all over again? Hardly. #HopeAndChange came back with a flourish today, but not in the way President Barack Obama used the slogan during his first campaign to slink into the White House.

This time Republican challenger Mitt Romney is asking where hope and change went, attacking Obama’s negative campaign ads with one of his own.

Naturally, conservatives on Twitter hammered home the message that Obama’s concept of hope and change is all but dead.

Hope & Change = Obama hopes Americans won't associate the outsourcing of jobs by his wifes designer Ralph Lauren on Olympic uniforms.

— Just me (@reluctantzealot) July 16, 2012

4 years of Hope and Change has left us hopeless and only change in our bank accounts. #Nobama #HopeAndChange

— Hayden Duncan (@haddun21) July 15, 2012

I sure HOPE we CHANGE the US President in November. #hopeandchange #Romney #romney2012 #TCOT #teaparty

— Jersey Right (@JerseyRight) July 15, 2012

Hope and Change IS NOT deliberately misleading people and acting disdainful because you're asked to explain yourself

— Nancy (@NotJustNancy) July 15, 2012

Hope & Change? Re-electing Obama is like backing up the Titanic and Hitting the Iceberg Again…

— Truth Tweeter (@redostoneage) July 16, 2012

The new American Dream is hoping you get welfare and food stamps and can keep the change while someone else pays for it.

Hope & Change means increasing the national debt by trillions and putting it on the tab of the next generation.

— Justen Charters (@JustenCharters) July 15, 2012

Hope & Change = the government putting my grandkids $50,000 in debt before they're even born so people who don't need welfare can get it.

— Casey Kim (@caseykim12) July 16, 2012

Who needs amnesty for illegal aliens when the growth in disability rolls outpaces the number of people getting jobs?

More people went on disability (85k), then got jobs (80k) in June. #hopeandchange . we cant afford 4 more yrs of this vote @MittRomney

— Lionel Garcia (@lionelgarcia) July 6, 2012

Young Adults Who Voted For Obama Now At 12.8% Unemployment #HopeAndChange

— Biker Guy (@GrodenBiker) July 9, 2012

Whatever happened to hope and change? It turned into a dope who can do nothing but liberally pass out blame.

#ThingsObamaTaughtMe Accomplishment is not necessary to succeed just effectively tell a story about #hopeandchange & blame failure on others

— amy (@fiverrules) July 14, 2012

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