Rubio officially shelves DREAM Act; Left goes ballistic

Rubio officially shelves DREAM Act; Left goes ballistic!/jimacostacnn/status/214867585047597056

President Obama’s decision to unilaterally grant deportation waivers to 800,000 illegal immigrants has officially convinced Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to withdraw similar, but legal, legislation that he had been pushing his fellow Republicans to support.

Liberals who had previously been staunchly opposed to Rubio’s plan were forced to about-face and redirect their rage as a result of today’s announcement.

Aww poor little Rubio's feelings are hurt and he is shelving his no dream act. Taking his ball and going home

— Matt Murphy (@MattMurph24) June 19, 2012

@andersoncooper Sen Marc Rubio salty! Pres Obama took his idea and his limelight! lol

— Mr. E (@KingMike33) June 19, 2012

Lmao! Smh RT @Kim_tastiic: Marco Rubio is the Hermain Cain of Latinos

— ÐɘɱɨǤöɖ_media (@DiCosmo609) June 19, 2012

Wait, we get it. He’s the Latino version of Herman “Uncle Tom” Cain! Isn’t that funny? Oh, those racially sensitive progressives and their sense of humor.

But wait — there’s more!

Sen Rubio delaying his "Dream Act Plan" for now, huh? Lol Pres Obama's act last week got the #GOP shaking! They don't have a plan! LMAO

— Mr. E (@KingMike33) June 19, 2012

Rubio's Dream Act a no go…cnn bill this year…or ever if you Vote Republican..No answers2American Problems@foxnewspolitics

— john beechy (@JohnBeechy) June 19, 2012

Marco Rubio voted against the Dream Act.

— Pnthrgrlgail (@Mama4Obama1) June 19, 2012

How long has Marco Rubio been ruminating on the plight of #Dreamers while performing tea party hat tricks for the GOP? #EdShow

— RibletsOnThePan (@ribletsonthepan) June 19, 2012

@BuzzFeedAndrew @jimacostacnn Let me get this straight: Rubio is not going to introduce that bill he never introduced after all? Ah, got it!

— Ken (@Dr_KMW) June 19, 2012

#hardball President Obama cut through the BS plain & simple. And we hope he keeps going. #Rubio too busy jaw jacking; opportunity you lost!

— Silvermoon820 (@silvermoon820) June 19, 2012

No, @MittRomney, Rubio dangling the promise of a #DreamAct before Dreamers until November is 'politics.' What Obama did was smart policy #p2

— Mr. Incredible (@samueljcookiii) June 19, 2012

Rubio's shelving turns essential debate on immigration into dull/repetitive one on process and "the Constitution"

— Jon Fasman (@jonfasman) June 19, 2012

A debate on “the Constitution”?! Say it isn’t so! What has our democracy come to?

Why should the President have to talk to Rubio first before acting on the Dream Act?

— thaddeus (@Wynner4Life) June 19, 2012

Seriously. Why shouldn’t a president act on a bill that isn’t law yet? So quaint, those constitutionalists are.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a lefty Twitter roundup without conspiracy theories. In this case, that means folks speculating that Rubio never intended to propose a bill at all:

Marco Rubio dropping election-year plan for GOP Dream Act The question is: was there really a plan or was it a bluff?

— Hernán Molina (@HernanPolitica) June 19, 2012

While there’s something to be said for laughing through rage, our “#LOL #OF #THE #WEEK” is the whiplash-inducing 180° that leftists were forced to undertake in order to keep their rage focused on Rubio and his erstwhile immigration proposal.

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