Saddest Democrat hashtag ever: #GOPExcuses

Saddest Democrat hashtag ever: #GOPExcuses!/WaysMeansCmte/status/217625896469798912

Aw, adorbs! The House Ways and Means Committee Democrats thought they could try to get a Twitter hashtag going this morning.

What if Dems launched a hashtag and no one came? It would look an awful lot like this:

#GOPExcuses "Sorry, we were too busy meeting with Grover Norquist." #NoExcuses #NoJobs @LOLGOP

— Ways and Means Dems (@WaysMeansCmte) June 26, 2012

RT @WaysMeansCmte: Tweet your favorite #GOPexcuses for not acting on jobs legislation. #NoExcuses @LOLGOP

— Josh Drobnyk (@joshdrobnyk) June 26, 2012

#GOPexcuses "Sorry, we were busy protecting tax cuts for millionaires" #NoExcuses

— Ways and Means Dems (@WaysMeansCmte) June 26, 2012

Really, that’s it.

It’s been an hour and there have been three tweets from the official @WaysMeansCmte account, one tweet from Rep. Pete Stark and one retweet from their communications director, Josh Drobnyk.

Here’s a screen shot:

Another Democrat hashtag fail, and this time, they have only themselves to blame.

Hey, Ways and Means Dems, #NoExcuses.

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