Sensitive BuzzFeeder and ‘partnerships’ builder: ‘Ted Cruz is a Latino in name only'; Deletes tweet

Sensitive BuzzFeeder and ‘partnerships’ builder: ‘Ted Cruz is a Latino in name only’; Deletes tweet!/StickeeNotes/status/336946435859836928

When it comes to racial politics, no one takes a more graceful approach than the Left.

According to her Twitter bio, BuzzFeed’s Aswini Anburajan spends her days “building partnerships.” And judging by this tweet of hers, she’s eminently qualified for that role:!/anburajan/status/336931486571847682

Man, that race card just never gets old, does it?!/redsteeze/status/336952907498938369!/charlescwcooke/status/336935078649270274!/lheal/status/336940855615188992!/BethanyBowra/status/336938872770527232!/ShannonPoe/status/336935769753137152

Oh, snap!!/KearneysJig/status/336937801390125057

Well, the righteous indignation must’ve eventually struck a nerve with Anburajan, who tweeted this not-really-apologetic mea culpa:!/anburajan/status/336948866278645761

Brighter moments than that? Man, we’d love to hear about some of those.!/redsteeze/status/336952069984505856

We certainly do.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 3.11.53 PM!/rdengr1/status/336940022970327040




Anjaran acknowledges that her tweet was both “dumb and insensitive”:!/anburajan/status/336954130763489280

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