Sequestration foes rally for Congress to fund #PeopleNotPlanes

Sequestration foes rally for Congress to fund #PeopleNotPlanes!/verumserum/status/328226579769597953

The administration’s sequester scare campaign fizzled when Americans awakened March 1 to business as usual. We were warned, though, that the real pain wouldn’t be felt for a while. And as though flights had never been delayed before, the White House and the media found a way to connect the House GOP to real-life sequester effects: those long lines on the tarmac were the fault of indiscriminate budget cuts by the heartless, soulless animals in the Republican party.

The US govt is willing to risk your life to stage a tantrum over a 1% budget cut. #FAA

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) April 25, 2013

@iowahawkblog Correction: To stage a tantrum over a 1% reduction in the rate of growth. Still spending more this year than last year.

— Tom Pinkerton (@PinkertonTom) April 25, 2013

USAirways flight over hour late getting to DCA from Charlotte. Why? Pilot: “Because of the sequester thing you’ve been hearing about”

— HowardMortman (@HowardMortman) April 27, 2013

Language alert:Pilot on my #SFO to #IAD flight referred to 30 minute #delay as a “sequester delay”#sequester #brothercanuspareatrillion?

— Robert Moran (@robertpmoran) April 26, 2013

Getting ready to depart DCA -> SFO. In pre-departure briefing @virginamerica pilot just blamed Congress for +1 hour delay #sequester

— Jonah Seiger (@JonahSeiger) April 26, 2013

@natshupe yep sitting on Tarmac now, people started laughing when pilot announced delay due to sequester

— Kathy Ruddell (@katie3626) April 26, 2013

Would moving some money around via the speedy passage of the Reducing Flight Delays Act placate the masses? Of course not. The White House called it nothing more than a temporary Band-Aid, and others saw it as nothing more than a self-serving move for Congressmen to speed up their weekend flights home while children and old people starved. Can Twitter hashtag campaigns convince the president to veto the FAA fix? Which sounds better, #PeopleNotPlanes or #FlightsOverFood?

Progressive opposing FAA bill wanted full #sequester fix that treated Head Start as seriously as First Class. @thenation #PeopleNotPlanes

— John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) April 27, 2013

@nicholsuprising @thenation they chose #FlightsOverFood

— FitToBeTeed (@robteed) April 27, 2013

@nicholsuprising @thenation These r Ayn Rand values First class passengers deserve privilege but Head Start kids parents r “parasites”

— martin stein (@fuertecorazon) April 27, 2013

@cspanwj it should be #peoplenotplanes not a hardship for ppl on planes to be delayed but kids not in head start : hardship for future

— JA Myers (@feminista54) April 27, 2013

@donna_west it is shameful, and a horrible decision. siding with #FlightsOverFood the needs of the powerful few over the many.

— FitToBeTeed (@robteed) April 26, 2013

Forget the children #sequester is devastating! As long as you don’t have to wait too long in airports, it’s all good. #FlightsOverFood

— IamSuz (@IamSuz) April 26, 2013

#PeopleNotPlanes PEOPLE! President @barackobama MILLIONS IN NEED OF FOOD & EDUCATION BUT 1st class must not be inconvenienced?! #BaHumBugSir

— Nora Wahlquist (@DahmPublishing) April 27, 2013

“@justgrateful: @reppaulryan so why is your flight home more important than Meals on Wheels ?? #uppers#PeopleNotPlanes

— Meryl Ranzer (@merylnyc) April 27, 2013

Dear #GOPCongress -Hope You Enjoy Your Flight ..Sincerely, Meals on Wheels recipients, CancerPatients etc. #tcot #p2 #PeopleNotPlanes #gop

— justgratefuldead (@justgrateful) April 27, 2013

Time for a quick hijack?

Those whining under #peoplenotplanes hashtag — coming after you next time you pretend you care about the “Middle Class” at election time.

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) April 27, 2013

Let’s just eliminate all air travel because flying is unfair to poor people! #Forward ##PeopleNotPlanes

— S.M (@redsteeze) April 27, 2013

To be accurate, #PeopleNotPlanes should be called #ThesePeopleNotThosePeople.

— Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) April 27, 2013

Dear #peoplenotplanes, you realize that medical supplies, doctors, etc, were being held up in airports by the FAA?

— TV’s Exurbankevin (@ExurbanKevin) April 27, 2013

Fine: privatize the FAA so it can become efficient if it’ll keep the government from holding planes as a negotiating ploy. #PeopleNotPlanes

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) April 27, 2013

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