He Was Just Joking Around In The Middle Of A Massive Storm...Then This Happened

He Was Just Joking Around In The Middle Of A Massive Storm…Then This Happened

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Humans have survived as a species by following a set of general survival rules. Over thousands of years, these rules have become common sense. Let’s take, for example, how to behave during a massive storm. Our survival instinct is to take cover someplace safe until the storm passes. Doing this one simple thing made it so our ancestors survived long enough to pass on their genes. Lately, however, it seems like thousands of years of survival instincts are being undone by our current oversharing economy. That is, people are risking life and limb for that one Instagram photo, or that perfect Snapchat. Or, in the case of Phoenix, Arizona, resident Nick Griemsmann, the most epic Periscope stream. I would wager that the gods are angry at Griemsmann for mocking their wrath. (via The Daily Mail) In case you’re having trouble figuring out what happened, Griemsmann was […]

Inside The Multibillion-Dollar Business Of Keeping Me Out Of America

Inside The Multibillion-Dollar Business Of Keeping Me Out Of America

My family emigrated from Mexico when I was young. Now an American citizen, I went to the 2014 Border Security Expo in Phoenix, where the newest military technology meant to target people like us is part of a booming industry. Every few seconds the chatter in the lobby is punctuated by a succession of short, rapid cracks so loud I can feel the concussions in my chest. No one else seems to notice. The Phoenix Convention Center’s southern building is packed with hawkish-looking white men in muted suits who somehow continue networking amid the piercing sound. They’re all wearing convention badges around their necks that display their ominous affiliations: DOD, DOJ, DHS, Raytheon. It’s the first day of the eighth annual Border Security Expo, where arms dealers and their government buyers come together in a feeding frenzy of defense contracts. There are only so many missile systems one can sell, […]

Are You The Mother Of An Alien Hybrid Baby? There's A Support Group For That

Are You The Mother Of An Alien Hybrid Baby? There’s A Support Group For That

Facebook is a great place for people with similar interests or experiences to interact, and the specificity of these online groups can sometimes be wonderfully bizarre. Take the Hybrid Children Facebook community, for instance. This group was created with the purpose of connecting alien half-breed children with their human parents. You see, the members of this group believe an advanced race of aliens bred with humans, harvested their eggs, and their children now reside in another dimension…at least until they can return. Members of the Hybrid Children community believe that at some point, an alien race called the Zeta Reticuli came down, impregnated them, and harvested the eggs before leaving. Facebook / Hybrid Children The Zetas are sometimes known by ufologists as the “Grays,” in reference to their trademark gray skin. Supposedly, the hybrid children live in another dimension and can only be communicated with through their human moms’ dreams. […]