Former GOP Senate nominee says two conservatives belong to a ‘Klan’

Former GOP Senate nominee says two conservatives belong to a ‘Klan’!/Robeno/status/414822379022729217 A former GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, Gabriel Gomez, made the incendiary statement in a Facebook comment: I thank God everyday for people like Chris Pinto and Rob Eno because they serve as perfect examples for my kids of who and what not to be when they grow up… the level of ignorance and intolerance exhibited by them and their small “Klan” are an embarassment to our civil Society. Merry Christmas. This morning on a Boston Herald talk radio show, Gomez confirmed that he wrote the controversial comment. Full audio of the interview is here; here’s a partial transcript of his remarks: These are the kind of people that you know make the Republican Party hated in Massachusetts … You know, I don’t have any regrets [about] what I posted. I mean obviously I touched a chord with them because they know I’m right but I’ve obviously had […]

Univ. of Florida QB Treon Harris under investigation for sexual assault

Univ. of Florida QB Treon Harris under investigation for sexual assault!/1055WERC/status/519199050155839488 Whoa. More details on the investigation and the suspension of the University of Florida’s starting freshman quarterback Treon Harris: RE: Treon Harris RT @osgators UFPD learned of incident Monday morning and will complete police report in next 24 hours. #UF — Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) October 6, 2014 Two more updates to the story on #Gators QB Treon Harris – — (@onlygators) October 6, 2014 Florida Gators quarterback Treon Harris suspended, under investigation for sexual assault — Sun Sentinel Sports (@Sentinel_Sports) October 6, 2014 But will he be prosecuted? His lawyer weighs in: Treon Harris' lawyer, Huntley Johnson, told Sun he would be "surprised and disappointed" if he's prosecuted in alleged sexual assault case. — Kevin Brockway (@gatorhoops) October 6, 2014 And there’s already speculation on Twitter that Harris is being falsely accused: Gainesville radio personality @DanielGillman: "Treon Harris May Have Been Falsely Accused of Rape Over […]

‘I’m shocked': Recently released Gitmo detainees reportedly joined ISIS

‘I’m shocked’: Recently released Gitmo detainees reportedly joined ISIS!/prfekrdumbrella/status/527846101060042752 The recidivism rate of released Guantanamo Bay detainees is quite high, but terror suspects being held there keep being released nonetheless. It’s being reported that a number of Gitmo detainees released in the last three years have joined ISIS: Fmr #Gitmo detainees back on battlefield fighting 4 #ISIS Sources confirm 2 #FoxNews that dozens r believed 2 b in #Syria @foxandfriends — heather nauert (@heatherfoxnews) October 30, 2014 @FoxNews exclusive 20-30 fmr gitmo detainees fighting for ISIS on the ground in Syria. Gen. Jack Keane reax — martha maccallum (@marthamaccallum) October 30, 2014 From Fox News: As many as 20 to 30 former Guantanamo Bay detainees released within the last two to three years are suspected by intelligence and Defense officials of having joined forces with the Islamic State and other militant groups inside Syria, Fox News has learned. The development has cemented fears that the U.S. military would […]

Bill Clinton cancels fundraising appearance for Mark Udall

Bill Clinton cancels fundraising appearance for Mark Udall!/aseitzwald/status/515850623003406337 Colorado Sen. Mark Udall is facing a tight race for re-election and he needs all the help he can get (no, not from you President Obama). Bill Clinton had been scheduled to headline a Udall fundraiser, but with the birth of his granddaughter, Charlotte, the former president’s appearance on Udall’s behalf won’t be happening today: New grandpa Bill Clinton canceling his appearance at the @MarkUdall2014 fundraiser today in Denver. #copolitics #cosen — Nick Riccardi (@NickRiccardi) September 27, 2014 The Udall campaign is having trouble catching a break. Clinton cancelled on Udall.. — S.M (@redsteeze) September 27, 2014 If this ends up tipping the election… RT @NickRiccardi: New grandpa Bill Clinton canceling his appearance at @MarkUdall2014 fundraiser. — Seth Masket (@smotus) September 27, 2014 *** Move over, Cory Gardner! This ‘attack’ on Mark Udall’s dad is way worse [screenshot] Read more:

‘Look at meee!’ Obama again makes himself easy to spot in a group photo

‘Look at meee!’ Obama again makes himself easy to spot in a group photo!/SeanMilkshake/status/507749662624079873 In 2011, during a United Nations group photo, President Obama waved to the camera and blocked out a man’s face: Oops! Lesson learned? Maybe not. Here’s a picture from the NATO summit this week:!/USNATO/status/507561613936033793 Caption this pic “a show of hand”:!/JohnEkdahl/status/507737024166903808 Say “cheese”! The helpful president again makes himself easy to find in a group photo.!/Txsleuth/status/507750211561598976 Read more:

Lefty: Va. GOP race like ‘F, marry, kill’ between Malkin, Hasselbeck and Palin

Lefty: Va. GOP race like ‘F, marry, kill’ between Malkin, Hasselbeck and Palin!/DelanaIryshe/status/467033891199393792 Mike Dickinson is very real, and seething with hatred for all things Tea Party, not to mention women on the Right. The self-described left-wing liberal claims he’s running to unseat Rep. Eric Cantor in Congress, and the repugnant Dickinson described the Republican ballot choices with a degrading “F, marry, kill” reference about Michelle Malkin, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin:!/VoteMike2014/status/467029835878240257 But the Republicans are waging a “war on women”? Dickinson, true to form, also referred to the Tea Party as “terrorist trash”:!/VoteMike2014/status/467029147790110720 This man needs an intervention. Mediaite reported that Dickinson failed to meet the deadline and would not be on the ballot as a Democrat. Dickinson has claimed otherwise:!/VoteMike2014/status/455486098207416320 *** Related: Congressional candidate: ‘When you see tea partiers driving or swerving, call the police’ ‘Was that a joke?’: Candidate takes his ‘war on Fox News’ to Greta Van Susteren Cantor challenger: Right didn’t blame Bush for […]

What’s the silver lining for the CNN editor who just got canned for plagiarism?

What’s the silver lining for the CNN editor who just got canned for plagiarism?!/ztbatey/status/467309596835864576 Well, this is awkward. Time to update the CNN employee handbook?!/ScottBPruden/status/467302866496278528!/BecketAdams/status/467310022729695232 This morning, CNN posted an editor’s note revealing that the network had fired London bureau news editor Marie-Louise Gumuchian after discovering that she had committed “multiple instances of plagiarism.”!/chriswelch/status/467298705331458048 Via CNN: An unpublished story flagged last week during our editing process led to an internal investigation that uncovered other examples in about 50 published stories, and our investigation is ongoing. We’ve terminated Gumuchian’s employment with CNN, and have removed the instances of plagiarism found in her pieces. In some cases, we’ve chosen to delete an entire article.!/stevewerby/status/467307166626750464 Yeah, good on CNN for taking action, though some important questions still remain:!/Will_Antonin/status/467313074274586624 Inquiring minds want to know. Meanwhile, Gumuchian may feel pretty rotten right now, but all is not lost for her. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel:!/JayCaruso/status/467310721844654080 There you go! Editor’s note: Thanks to @LadyOnTheRight1 for catching a […]

Check out what was considered ‘over-promising’ in pitch for Hillarycare

Check out what was considered ‘over-promising’ in pitch for Hillarycare!/WalshFreedom/status/439507388291645440 The Clinton Library released thousands of pages of documents today, including assessments from the Hillarycare task force. In one memo from 1994, a person named Todd expressed concern that guaranteeing Americans they could choose and keep their own doctors was “over-promising on something we know full well we won’t deliver”:!/Timodc/status/439486000738222080 Gee, that sounds so familiar. Except for the concern about promising what can’t be delivered, that is. If “Todd” were assessing Obamacare, would Harry Reid accuse him of peddling an untruth?!/JoeCarruth/status/439489035518885888 Read more:

Photoshops ridicule State Department’s impotent hashtag diplomacy [pics]

Photoshops ridicule State Department’s impotent hashtag diplomacy [pics]!/BenHowe/status/459525523996434433 The State Department made social media history on Thursday night — embarrassing, cringeworthy history — with ridiculous hashtag diplomacy.!/JohnEkdahl/status/459532151768117251 If only. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken to using the Obama admin’s #UnitedForUkraine hashtag.!/mfa_russia/status/459397721674489856 When State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki responded with her worthless “hope” that the Kremlin “will live by the promise of hashtag,” the Twitterverse fulfilled its standing promise of ridicule by Photoshop.!/JonJayGroden/status/459537492539346944 Yes. Evidently the plan is to bring Putin to his knees with weapons-grade idiocy, selfies and hashtag sorcery.!/Slublog/status/459538108082823169!/Matthops82/status/459555502867767296!/The_J_Team/status/459580615176622080!/AmyOtto8/status/459546276657262592!/Coondawg68/status/459674263427903489!/Coondawg68/status/459653636734189568!/ScottLofquist/status/459546774185578496!/BlueShiftBlog/status/459696633182453760!/deppisch/status/459741720297492480 Is it possible Psaki’s Twitter account was hacked? Unlikely. As John Hayward notes at Human Events, Psaki said something similar at a press briefing: “I don’t think they’re living by their hashtag.” It’s a clown admin, bro.!/ChrisBarnhart/status/459536844430909440 Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets. Read more: