In A Frozen Landscape, This Is Probably The Last Thing You’d Expect To See

On the snowy peaks of a ski run in Lindvallen, Sweden, everything looks pretty normal. The resort boasts plenty of challenging slopes, and it’s always bustling with thrill-seeking families. But there’s something else on this property that you probably wouldn’t expect to see: a McDonald’s restaurant. While it may sound bizarre, it’s pretty nice for tired skiers to be able to grab a snack on the go. After a day of skiing in the brisk weather, a hot meal probably sounds really appealing. YouTube / McDonald’s Sverige There’s even a ski-through window! YouTube / McDonald’s Sverige Customers ski right up to the counter and order, and then take their food with them as they continue skiing. While it sounds weird, this spot has remained popular since it opened in the 1990s. And if eating a Big Mac while skiing sounds like a choking hazard, you’ll be pleased to know that […]

This Instagrammer Makes The World More Fun, One Paper Cutout At A Time

When he’s not working for an advertising agency, photographer Rich McCor is turning the world into a more entertaining place with the help of a few paper cutouts. Placed in front of landmarks, they turn everyday street scenes into charming, witty photos. McCor got the idea after joining Instagram. Instagram / paperboyo (Rich McCor) He was tired of taking ordinary photos, so he decided to start a clever Instagram series. He started adding amusing cutouts to famous scenes and totally transforming them. Instagram / paperboyo (Rich McCor) Here, the Eiffel Tower is ready for takeoff! Initially, McCor challenged himself to do ten cutout photos around London, creating different compositions for each one. Coming up with clever ideas was a bit difficult, but the images quickly gained popularity on Instagram. He also says that the process was extremely fun and rewarding, since he created awesome photos while also learning more about […]

Take A Closer Look Around You, And You Might See Some Of These Hilarious Signs

Starting in 2013, the people of Sydney, Australia, began to notice something a bit odd around their city. There were some strange (and often very funny) signs popping up in public spaces. They probably made a lot of people smile, but most people didn’t have a clue who was behind them. That person is Michael Pederson, and he uses his background in art, film, and music to inspire his funny, conversational signs. Take a look at some of his work and try not to smile. Miguel Marquez Outside (Michael Pederson) Okay, this one is a little unsettling. Miguel Marquez Outside (Michael Pederson) Miguel Marquez Outside (Michael Pederson) Miguel Marquez Outside (Michael Pederson) Because they’re exposed to the elements and to other people, many of Pederson’s pieces don’t last more than a month. But that’s okay, he says. In that time, plenty of people see them, and there’s something nice about […]

These Works Of Art Weren’t Drawn — They Were Grown In Petri Dishes

This kind of art really grows on you. Well, actually, it grows in a petri dish — and the strange, swirling, colorful forms you’ll see here were actually carefully cultivated by microbiologists for a competition. The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) hosted its first ASM Agar Art Contest. Yep, that’s a thing! Contestants grew various microbes in agar, a gel-like substance, and “painted” with them to form images. American Society for Microbiology This is the competition’s winner, Neurons. It’s a collaborative work by Mehmet Berkmen of New England Biolabs and artist Maria Penil. The contestants chose their microbes, let them incubate, and guided them into various forms. Some people used multiple dishes. American Society for Microbiology This is the runner-up, called NYC Biome MAP. The work, by Christine Marizzi and her team, makes use of multiple petri dishes full of E. coli bacteria and glowing proteins to make a miniature […]

This Bank Stood Forgotten For Decades, But Now It’s A Beautiful Community Center

Stony Island Savings & Loan, built in the 1920s, had stood abandoned on Chicago’s South Side for decades. It was in serious disrepair, too, with the interior exposed to the elements. It seemed to most that the only thing to do was demolish it and start over. The bank had been closed since the 1980s, and mostly forgotten. Tom Harris, via The Rebuild Foundation It had largely fallen into disrepair, and seemed hopeless. Tom Harris, via The Rebuild Foundation But artist, urban planner, professor, and Rebuild Foundation founder Theaster Gates had another idea. He saw potential in the old building when no one else did. And we mean that quite literally — no one else thought the 20,000 square foot building would amount to anything. In fact, the city of Chicago was so convinced it was worthless that they sold it to Gates for a dollar. One dollar. Gates set […]