This Is Why Your 'Locked' Luggage Isn't As Safe As You Think

This Is Why Your ‘Locked’ Luggage Isn’t As Safe As You Think

When traveling, it’s best not to keep valuable items in a locked suitcase. Your passport, credit cards, cash, and other important items should stay on your person (or at least close by). Some people believe that locking them in a suitcase is a safe alternative…but it isn’t. Even if you have a strong lock, the suitcase can be breached with relative ease. Your locked suitcase isn’t as safe as you think. Yet another example of how quickly a zip breach can occur: Expensive new luggage and gear may offer safer alternatives…but it’s best to not take anything for granted (especially if you’re traveling overseas). Traveler beware! Read more:

Here's What You Should Think About Before You Go To Cuba

Here’s What You Should Think About Before You Go To Cuba

Rick Steves, travel expert and author of Travel as a Political Act, spoke with BuzzFeed News about how to travel responsibly to socially and politically complex places. View this image › A Cuban flag hangs from a building in Havana on Dec. 27, 2014. REUTERS ENRIQUE DE LA OSA Long-embargoed Cuba is about to become much easier for Americans to visit, but the question of whether or not to actually go remains complex. On the one hand the tropical country is famously beautiful and unique among Caribbean cultures, while on the other it’s still ruled by the Castro family and has been called out for human rights violations. It remains a difficult destination, even if actually getting there is becoming easier. But for travel writer Rick Steves, that isn’t a reason to stay away. Steves is best-known for his European guidebooks and long running TV show, Rick Steves’ Europe, and […]