Seriously, Why Can't All Planes Be This Awesome? I'd Fly Every Day.

Seriously, Why Can’t All Planes Be This Awesome? I’d Fly Every Day.

The skies would be a lot friendlier if we could all travel in these luxury airliners. Imagine coasting through the clouds in the comfort of your own private nook, eating dinner at these quaint tables or observing the splendor of our world through these windows. Of course, most of us can’t afford to be so fancy, but it’s nice to dream every now and then. Flying in one of these airplanes would be a dream come true. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner comes with these cozy nooks for flight attendants. Getty Images And for the captains. Getty Images The comfy cockpit of a private jet. Nick Gleis Designed in partnership with BMW, this Boeing 787 Airbus A350 probably feels like you’re flying in a cloud. Airbus The Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft design includes a spacious interior is almost as big as half a football field. Aeroscraft The owner of this jet is […]

These Awesome Experiences are SO Expensive, Chances Are We'll Never Have Them.

These Awesome Experiences are SO Expensive, Chances Are We’ll Never Have Them.

I once saw a man in the streets of New York carrying a pet pig in a suit made of American Express cards. It wasn’t weird at first, since it’s New York and I expect that sort of thing. On second glance, though, I recognized this man from a (now cancelled) television series. I realized that you can pretty much do whatever you want when you’re rich, and outrageous purchases are a part of your everyday life.  In case you find yourself with a couple million burning a hole in your pocket, here’s a list of things you’d be able to do. We’d suggest investing or paying off a mortgage, but that’s because we’re just not fancy or cultured.  1. Sublimotion, a restaurant that challenges the senses.  Daily Mail Sensory overload may ensue. Located in Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, Sublimotion is part restaurant and part theatrical performance. It also comes with […]