This Instagrammer Makes The World More Fun, One Paper Cutout At A Time

When he’s not working for an advertising agency, photographer Rich McCor is turning the world into a more entertaining place with the help of a few paper cutouts. Placed in front of landmarks, they turn everyday street scenes into charming, witty photos. McCor got the idea after joining Instagram. Instagram / paperboyo (Rich McCor) He was tired of taking ordinary photos, so he decided to start a clever Instagram series. He started adding amusing cutouts to famous scenes and totally transforming them. Instagram / paperboyo (Rich McCor) Here, the Eiffel Tower is ready for takeoff! Initially, McCor challenged himself to do ten cutout photos around London, creating different compositions for each one. Coming up with clever ideas was a bit difficult, but the images quickly gained popularity on Instagram. He also says that the process was extremely fun and rewarding, since he created awesome photos while also learning more about […]